Our Second Family Photo Shoot @ Photo U – Part 2

This is so long overdue. The shoot was taken about 1.5 months ago. (Here)

I finally collected all the pictures in hard and soft copy from Wai Peng a few hours ago. Sharing with the experience we had with Wai Peng, the only downside is, she is not a fast worker. However, I can’t totally blame her for this because, there were delay in our payment to her (some miscommunications), we were out for holiday, my brother wedding, festive season, year-end, etc.

Nevertheless, I am very happy with her work done especially this collage done up by her personally. I didn’t pay for all the pictures to be in the form of high resolution. I negotiated with her for a package of 42 pictures in high resolution and this collage for a price of S$68 which I find it is reasonable.

collage 10by15

Without further ado, let me present some of the pictures taken.

003E 007




078 105a



Our Second Family Photo Shoot @ Photo U – Part 1

To commemorate Yvette’s 18 mth birthday and our 7th Customary Wedding Anniversary, we decided to do our second family photo shooting. One good reason to do it again mainly due our family pictures taken in our First Photo Shooting did not turn out nice and fine (though Yvette as a individual was good).

IMG_1780But this round I did not do it with Joyce but I have chosen Photo U and requested Wai Peng as our photographer. I requested for her because I saw my friend’s family pictures taken and posted on Facebook was so nicely taken. (6 sets of clothing were taken in an hour. How did they manage to do so? They did the shooting together with another family, which is Wai Peng’s friend. They made use of each other changing time.)

It’s raining when we made our way there. Although we went there by cab but the studio was fairly easy to locate by public transport too. Her studio was located at:

Blk 115A #04-18
Commonwealth Drive
Tanglin Halt Industrial Estate
Singapore 149596

It is just 10 mins walk from Commonwealth MRT.

We were late. As she was still taking picture with another family, we were still given an hour for our session. I wouldn’t say Wai Peng was really not good with babies/toddlers but Yvette wasn’t really in the mood to do so. One reason was, the studio was really too big as compared to what Joyce has. Yvette kept move around playing with the toys in her studio rather than doing the shooting. But I would say Wai Peng was really patience with babies/toddlers and we were given ample time for our photo shooting. In fact, our photo shooting lasted us for 1.5 hrs (4 sets of clothing and 1 costume from Wai Peng) and Wai Peng still didn’t mind to continue.

I didn’t want to continue as Yvette was getting restless and I realised it had crossed her nap time. No wonder she was so uncooperative toward the end of the shooting.

We really did not take many shoots as compared to previously we had with Joyce. I checked with Wai Peng and realised only 110 pictures were taken but luckily the pictures turned out well. (She showed me the picture taken in her camera.)

While waiting for those pictures we took today, let me share two pictures taken by ourselves using our Canon Camera.

IMG_1777 IMG_1779

Young Parents Fiesta turns 10! 2009

Get ready for three days of activities, great offers and prizes at the Young Parents Fiesta!

Event Details

Event: Young Parents Fiesta 2009
Venue: Marina Square Atrium
Date: 26 June – 28 June 2009
Time: 11.00AM – 9.00PM (daily)
Admission: Free


I met my hubby at 5 pm at Cityhall MRT and made our trip to Marina Square for the Fiesta.

I opted to have our dinner first before we proceeded to the event. I have dinner many times in Sakae Sushi, but never in Marina Square Branch. Both of us had ramen and when our food was here, I had a shock!

Wow, such a BIG bowl, I exclaimed.



The waitress smile. (I must be very ignorance.)

Anyway, we had chosen to sit on the floor so that we could manage Yvette easily. (I was really afraid Yvette could reach out to the Sushi on the converter belt as I recalled the dinner I had with my niece at TPY Sakae Sushi.) They have this baby chair from Safety 1st for Yvette, as usual; Yvette didn’t want to be belt in the chair.

Yvette on Baby Chair for a few mins

Yvette on Baby Chair for a few mins

During dinner, my niece called and told us she will come down and joined us. (She skipped her class.) However we didn’t manage to wait for her in the restaurant as we couldn’t keep Yvette occupied anymore.

My niece and her boyfriend arrived shortly after we left the restaurant. We asked them to go for their dinner while we proceeded to the event.

YP Fiesta

I always want to be the subscriber of Young Parent and have been following closely of the free gift they are offering. But most of the times, the gift did not push me to do so. (Who don’t look forward for freebies?) Anyway, I was kind of late. When I enquired about the free gift over the counter, it was all taken up. Wow! It’s unbelievable! It is either there were many new subscribers or the number of free gifts was limited? And the saving for the first year was $6; the second year was $14. This’s not a good trade off for me to get a free gift that I have no use at all.


In the end, I didn’t sign up for it.

We moved around the fair and were constantly approached by those staffs at the booth. We ended up entering the baby cover look contest for fun. This is not the first time Yvette was taking the photo-shoot (in fact this was her third time) but I realized every time she needs to be warmed up. Luckily my niece was around.

We have to wait for an hour for a free complimentary photo. We shopped around just to kill time. Nothing really interests me as I am not buying. We went back to the booth to check was the photo ready after 45 mins. (I wanted to go Carrefour and it was somewhat late too). And yes, it was ready!

The complimentary Pic. (Our scanner is not working and we used our camera to pic it)

The complimentary Pic. (Our scanner is not working and we used our camera to pic it)

We headed Suntec after we collected the photo. We pop-by Harris Bookstore too as they were having a close down clearance sales. Yvette dozed off. Argh! (How she was going to sleep at night?!?!?)

When we stopped over to have snack at Auntie Annie, Yvette woke up to join us. Feeling very tried to move on but hubby “encouraged” me. (Actually I wanted to buy CD box to pack our CD.) Unfortunately, I didn’t find any CD box that met my need. But something did interest me in Carrefour. They had revamped their baby department. It’s so clean and neat now.

Baby Dept in Carrefour

Baby Dept in Carrefour

I then realized when we checked out at the cashier, it was 10plus. Yvette was still very energetic. As my niece’s boyfriend drive, we went back to Marina Square to get his car as the night was still “young” for us.

We reached home at 11 plus. I quickly bathed Yvette and soothe her to sleep. Yvette entered her lala land at 12.15 am and slept peaceful thereafter. (Once awhile late-night is still healthy for baby!)

Our First Family Shoot @ The MKJ Photography (Part 2)

Joyce sent me an email on the very next day informing us Yvette’s photos were ready for selection. (Read our experience doing our first family shoot here.)


She is fast worker, isn’t she?

I clicked on the link of her email and it brought me to the selection page where I saw a lot of photos! In this one and a half hour photo-shooting session and it generated 370 photos. Woot!

Our package allows us to choose 100 photos for Simple Photo Retouch. It is tough to limit ourselves while we making our choice. However, I knew I am going to top up S$50 to purchase ALL captured images in an original high resolutions soft copy. So, we didn’t feel too bad that we have to let go some of the photos. Of course, if we want to have more photo retouch by Joyce, $S3 (for each photo) will be the fee to pay (for Retouch) if you have exceeded the first 100.

I replied her mail on the very day after selecting the 100 photos (which is on Monday). And I received all the softcopy of photos in two CDs today.


Thumb up for Joyce!

Here are the some photos we chose from a pool of photos taken. Personally I love those photos captured together with the goldfish the most!

Yvette photo shooting

Yvette's photo shooting

P/S: The above photos were all retouched. If you will like to see the difference between the edited and unedited, you can email me at sunflower700@gmail.com or buzz me on MSN.

Our First Family Shoot @ The MKJ Photography (Part 1)

I came across The MKJ Photography on IDO baby forum. One of the mummies showed us some of the pictures of her baby taken by Joyce, a freelance photographer.

I decide to have our first family shoot taken by this studio mainly due to the following reasons:

  1. Her pricing is really reasonable. (Her package)
  2. I don’t want to go to those commercial studios where profit is a very large part of pursuit. I want some personal touch and not rushing us for time.
  3. Most importantly, she is a mother of 3, she will know the trick to make baby smile. (In fact, this is not the first studio shoot for Yvette. I got a free voucher to do a shoot for Yvette and the photographer was not good in making Yvette smile.)

We left home about 4.45pm today and reached there at 5.10pm. (We were late.) Photo-taking session started immediately when we ushered to her home studio.  (Her studio is one of the rooms in her flat located at Telok Blangah.)

Initially Yvette was confused. She did not smile at the start of the photo shoot. She just sat there, playing with the ball. After some coaxing, Yvette began to smile. Joyce, being a skillful photographer, was quick enough to capture the moment when Yvette flashed her smile.


Joyce had plenty of props for the shooting. I was told to bring along 4 sets of clothing but I think more than 10 settings were done up for this shooting. Yvette wasn’t very co-operative while we taking picture as a family. (I do hope the pictures will turn out fine and nice.) She was restless at time. She crawled a lot in the studio and we need to place her back to the “right position” from time to time. And I don’t understand why Yvette was very stone-d during the “bubble sesson.” She was so stone-d to the extend that Joyce even asked me, Is this the first time she is playing with bubble?

There were” exciting moments” too.

A tank of goldfish was one of the set-ups. And Yvette loved it soooo much. We were so worried Yvette might fall (She was placed on a little table together with the tank), or she will pick up one goldfish and throw it on the floor.

And one thing I must thank Joyce.

She allowed us to take picture and video when she was doing the shooting. Although we didn’t manage to take nice pictures of Yvette due to reasons like flashlight, angle, our role and responsibilities, eg. we were required to help to coax Yvette during the shoot. Perhaps this was one kind of personal touch I am looking.

In this one and a half hour session, I realized baby’s mood can swing very fast too. At this moment, Yvette can be happily smiling, the next moment she started to cry and fuss. However, the overall experience was great. We had a lot of fun doing the shooting together! And I’m glad I have made the right decision to do our first family shoot with The MKJ Photography!