Young Beginner’s Course Term 3 – Lesson 2

Lesson was attended on Saturday afternoon.

No new piece. We revised the piece that they learnt last Saturday. The good news was, Yvette could read the note and play the piece by herself. Phew!

Plenty of theories which Yvette loves it.

Music Lesson 2- 1020416

Music Lesson 2- 1020417

Music Lesson 2- 1020418


Young Beginner’s Course Term 3 – Lesson 1

This lesson was attended on Sat but I have decided to publish on Sun.

Too bad, she wasn’t very attentive or I would say she was really restless when it was time for keyboard time. She got scolding from me and she cried so loudly in class. I am glad we were in the class where we know each other well and I don’t feel so bad when Yvette was throw tanturm.

Other than this “mishap” she enjoys the lesson very much.


The art work for minin. She learnt dotted minim – a new note.


She started to learn small box.


Here’s the theory in the sticker book she loves.


Finally the piece she refuse to play in class. (I really don’t have much problem to get her practice all these songs she learnt in school at home. She simply just don’t like to play on the keyboard in school. SIGH!!)


Young Beginner’s Course Term 2 – Lesson 10

arrr… just notice I didn’t have even pen down this post. Anyway, it is a revision lesson. They didn’t do much. C didn’t come to the class. It was pouring and we couldn’t get a cab too. In the end, we switch to bus and we were late for lesson.

Yvette dozed off on the bus and really reluctant to open her eyes during lesson. It was G and there were a little boy who sat in the there responded to Teacher Elaine.

They did this piece in the class and I did this with Yvette a few weeks before the class ended.


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Young Beginner’s Course Term 2 – Lesson 9

Getting Yvette to practice is getting harder. I found a way to getting her learning the notes with me just by playing the CD and reading the notes with her. Although she was reluctant to play in class but luckily she is still willing to practice with me.

They learnt another new piece again today. And it is getting harder.


Using left and right hands to play this piece need a lot of co-ordination. As Yvette learns, I learn too.

But she loves theory. Done all by herself.


Young Beginner’s Course Term 2 – Lesson 8

Teacher Elaine started the lesson testing their listening skill.

High (Do Re Me Fa So)

Low (So Fe Me Re Do)

I notice I am very bad in identify these sound. Ops.

Yvette did well honestly. SO much better than me.

Then they moved on doing one exercise worksheet from Mac School before moved on doing this.


Again Yvette did the above all by herself. And in order not to turn front and back, Yvette placed her leg onto this page while turning to the middle page to get the stickers.

Every week they will learn a new piece and today this is what was played in the class.


Yvette’s fingering has really improved over this period of time and she is getting more and more relax as she progressed.

Young Beginner’s Course Term 2 – Lesson 7

Yvette had shown improvement. Her fingering has stabilized for figure 2 & 3. In fact I could see she could apply strength to finger 4 and control it. Well, it a big bonus to me already.

This is the piece of work they play in class.



She has no problem doing all these by herself.


And lastly here my cheeky little girl. (See the little hair clip!)

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Young Beginner’s Course Term 2 – Lesson 6

Finally gotten all these books from the teacher. All these books are going to last Yvette a few years.


And Yvette loves this book so much.


She loves to revise this book herself and constantly asking me to do this book with her. Luckily I don’t understand music theory, so I can’t really help her too.

They learnt this today.


And this.


Yvette is someone who loves theory a lot. When teacher Elaine wants to teach Theory, she will be the first one to cheer!

I was trouble by her fingering when we were back home practicing after the last lesson two weeks back. This problem was somehow solved. She has shown improvement this week and I was happy with her progress. Let hope her interest in music continue to grow!