Looking Back Week #6 of 2013

Week Recap for 03rd – 09th Feb

About Yvette

1. Preschool – School informed us there was one kid down with HFMD. And worst of all, it was from her class. We stopped sending Yvette to school on Thursday. And we missed the CNY Celebration in school too. (The school arranged the celebration to be held in the class instead of joining the rest of the kids in the gym room.) We also took this chance to let her recuperate at home as well. Yes, she been coughing and having running nose since the second week of Jan. (A course of anti-biotic, running nose and coughing medication.)


2. Enrichment class – I didn’t send her to any enrichment class this week. All done by Daddy as I was so busy with work before CNY. No art class at Nafa too.

3. Learning at home – For Chinese, I really depend on the Chinese Teacher from her preschool to do the work. Apparently, I think the teachers did do a good job. She simple loves this subject a lot and this is how we help her to revise at home. She can write Chinese Character well too. (Will try to take a picture for next update.)


4. Drawing – Here a piece of art done by Yvette and her daddy on the board before it was been erased off by one of them.


About the Family & Me

My week was extremely busy. I worked throughout few nights to get work done before the CNY.

On Friday, I took half a day to go Meid-Ya at Liang Court. (My office was nearby.) It was raining cats and dogs when I was done with all the shopping. I braved the rain and managed to get home by 2 plus and rush to temple to pray my FIL. It was the first year after so many years without him. –  I was so empty.

After the praying, hubby suggested a few places to go and we got ourselves having dinner at Parkway Parade. I love this shopping mall especially since it was still raining and it get very quiet than usual.

My little princess who got me on the nerve, but still manage to get me to pay for the rental of the little car in the mall. (SIGH!) This last for less than 15 mins and she didn’t want to sit in there anymore. Too small, no leg room and too bored to stay in the little car. She was then running and rooming around the mall like nothing had happened!


No celebration for this CNY. No visiting of relatives. But I did have a reunion lunch with my parents. Again, the sumptuous lunch was cooked by my SIL who is a great cook like me. Smile (I did cook a simple dinner in the evening and gather my hubby’s siblings to our house too.)


After the lunch, as usual, we will play manjong. This year was my 太岁 year but surprisingly, I won big!




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