Is kidnapping really on the rise?

Since the news about the AMK hub broke out a one or two weeks ago, my FB flash up with more news about kidnapping on the rise or missing child. From AMK, Bt. Panjang and now Tampines? I am very very concern.

Being a mother of one, Yvette is my only child, I can’t imagine she disappear from my world suddenly. I know I have to be vigilant, and yet I do hope public and as well as the law enforcer, especially the policeman to be alert too.

And what I encounter today, really make me losing faith.

(Please, by all mean, you can say I make up this and not believing this is the truth. This happened in this evening from 6.15-6.50 outside Lor 4 MacDonald opposite the Church. I have never took down the little boy name, the teacher name (from TPY little School House at Blk 192) and the uncle who helped to inform the police while I have stand there to wait for the police to come for more than half an hour. (The uncle was really kind enough to paddle his bike to the neighborhood police station located in the Toa Payoh CC just opposite the MacDonald twice.) Luckily Yvette was in good mood and sitting in the stroller if not, I think I have no choice but to walk away?)

I fetched Yvette from CC and making our way back home. Surprisingly, an uncle was trying to signal out to public that a little boy had stand there for long eg. More than 15 mins. Without hesitation, I walked up to help (I think I am very KPO.).

It didn’t take very long for me to understand what the uncle trying to convey. This boy indeed had lost his mother on their way home and standing at the traffic light. We tried very hard to get him to talk but no matter how we coaxed him, he simply kept his mouth shut! HE JUST REFUSED TO COMMUNICATE!!!

This was not the most shocking part.

The most shocking part was; the policemen told the uncle they are not able to leave the station (got 3 policemen around) because they need to be in station. In short, they are not coming to help us (the public) and as well as they boy. The Policemen had ignore our plead and made 2 toddlers, one aunt and one uncle stand there for 30-45 mins who made two trips to the station asking the policemen for help. (The boy didn’t want to follow us to the station which is located just a stone away.) The policemen told the uncle they will call the patrol police to come and help us.


Please shed me some light!!!!


I Don’t Remember I am Ever Been So Sick For the Past Few Years!

Oh yes, my cough, flu have been with me since 2 weeks ago. I got so sick till the extend I can’t do much doing the weekdays and all the housework piled up. Plus this week is not the week that my temp help will be here, I feel there are tons of work needed to be done.

I went to see doctor yesterday and my bill was S$58. Since I am a contract staff, I can only claim up S$40 and I can’t even utilise my medical leave.

Sick - IMG_0972

With so much things to do, still I decided to take my medication and slept on it yesterday. But I got up early as 5.30 am this morning to do the cooking and as well as the ironing. I did went back to my slumber as I managed to get everything done by 7 am. I was up again and get ready to work at 7.45 am. Life is so busy!

Sick - IMG_0970

Somehow I know this phase of life will pass but I just can’t help to feel very lousy at the moment. I hope my contract will end quickly!

Me Rejoining Work Force = Hiring Maid?

I never support to hire maid. I don’t like to have one at home but then I am in the situation I might need one. 😦

I firmly believe with only Yvette, both of us could cope well with all the housework and including coaching her at home. We can even have home cooked food every night provided I am not require to stay back for closing. But then I have to make provision for my FIL.

Currently we are not only the sole caregiver to Yvette, we look after our almost blinded FIL too. I cooked his breakfast, buy him lunch and serve him dinner at night. If I go back to work, who is going to look after his meal?

Of course, with maid, I have additional pair of hand but not until we hire one, I won’t know this pair of hand is going to help me or giving me more problem.

I also don’t want Yvette growing up evolve around maid. I don’t want the maid to take care of her need. She will have the impression that she can ask the maid to do things. It is not good for her growth.


What should I do? Any suggestion for me?

Why She Cried?

I will never able to feel the impact of this question if I would not a mum myself.

Today Yvette chose to cry when there were a number of the relatives in the house.

While she was bawling, I heard…

Aiyo.. Why cried till like that?

Why she cried har?

How she cried?

I also hope I have an answer why she is CRYING?

Sadly, I don’t have.

As I was trying to pacify Yvette, there was one relative, constantly making wild guesses, stating down what would be the possibilities of why Yvette was crying.

My question is, does it help me in calming Yvette?

If No, could you spare me your consideration of not making such guess?

Do I sound like washing dirty laundry in the public? But do anyone out there realise, me being a mum, the main care giver to Yvette, is even more zealous to find out why than anyone else in the house? I only know Yvette’s nap was delay because too many people in the house and she didn’t want to sleep. She dozed off almost immediately after we bathed her and she got scolding from her daddy who seldom scolds her. (She was crying before she slept.) And moreover, Yvette is under 2 is limited by her language development. She is not able to sufficiently express herself in word to me. So I can’t ask her why she cried!

I know many try to help but too many words of comfort only made Yvette cried harder… And it’s really obvious when Yvette heard her name being called by another person… she cried harder and harder. And there’s no way for me to stop her from crying.

I am upset, seriously. I feel very defeated at that very moment and Yvette really cried for more than an hour. She never stopped even after we left our house heading to my mum place in the evening. (She already cried for half an hour in our house while I was trying to pacify her.) She never stopped crying even we were on the cab for 20 minutes. She cried for another 15 to 20 minutes. Even my own parents didn’t spare me.

My dad even asked me to use the plant (Xia Liu – a kind of bamboo plant?) to wash her!!! My mum kept asking me to go market to buy flower to bathe her.


I rejected all their “offer” and told them I will never do that to Yvette.

Yvette eventually stopped when I proceeded to the table to eat. I was really hungry and it was like going to be 8 pm in the evening.

Was she hungry? Or she cries until she was hungry? She had been eating so much junk at home and I never stop her from eating them.

Nevertheless, after her dinner, she was back to her own self. I know I’m ranting oops, I just wanted to say my piece on the fact that I had a lousy day on the first day of CNY and Valentine Day!


A Box of Rubbish from Vpost

IMG_3240This box of rubbish cost me hundred over dollars to get it!!!

I shop oversea. And I buy books and stuffs from Amazon if I couldn’t get the them in town. So far this is my second shipment and I got really upset over it.

Just in case you have no idea how it works in Vpost. I will go into details.

When you made purchase oversea, you will receive an email invoice from the merchandise. Then you need to forward this email to Vpost for matching when the merchandise shipped your purchase to the address oversea given by Vpost to you. Then you have to wait patiently for Vpost to match. Sometimes Vpost will get a long time to match even you have provided them everything you have and they will keep sending you mail that they couldn’t match.

After they did the matching, you will need to login your Vpost account and do your own matching too. Then shipping charges will be sent to you via email. After that you just need to make payment and wait for your shipment to arrive.

Upon matching my purchase about 3 weeks ago, I jumped when I saw I was charged with 9.4kg of volumetric weight when the actual weight of my item is only 1.4kg. I called them to help me whether was there a way to reduce my shipment charges and NO ONE attend to my call. (One customer service officer promised to check and return my call, but she never.) So in the end (where I didn’t aware about it), my shipment was on the way to Singapore when items were matched even shipping payment not made. In short, no matter how I dispute over the shipment, I have to PAY!!!

I called Vpost and wrote to Vpost over the shipment cost dispute and my disappointment over the service they had provided me but NO ONE ever bothers to come back to me. (If there was someone kind enough over in Vpost had helped me to redirect my purchase back to Amazon, and repacked it, I will have saved hundred over dollar of shipping cost.)

Well, I have learnt a lesson from this shipment and I am very angry at the whole episode. I have decided to rather spend a little more time to ensure the packing from the merchandise does not exceed my expectation and of course will definitely change the shipping company than to be “Penny wise, Pound foolish”.

Odds and Ends of Our Everyday Life – 19th Seot 2009

How many of us, parents found guilty feeding our child food we prepared at home in an area where you will see a signboard indicating “No outside food is allowed”?

I do, most of the time.

I feed Yvette almost everywhere. But I never experience shop owner, even at restaurant, coming forward and mind me about this. I guess feeding our child with food prepared at home is almost necessary and most shop owner DOES understand.

We were upset by one coffee shop owner yesterday. This coffee shop is located at Toa Payoh Central opposite Bata Shoes shop.

She STOMPED forward us and TOLD us off in a LOUD voice. Almost everyone around us could hear our conversion. She DISALLOWED me to feed Yvette home cooked food. Even I had explained to her we were having our meal here. She still INSISTED I can’t feed my child.


I swear by we will never patronize this coffee shop again unless it change owner!

P/S: If you are parent who need to settle your meal and your child meal in a coffee shop, I suggest you keep away from this coffee shop to avoid unnecessary embarrassment create by this owner.

The Repair Cost for Our Sony T30

We went down to Funan IT Mall and Peninsula Plaza to check the repair cost of this camera. Unfortunately the repair cost quoted by the camera shop and Sony was about S$200 to S$400.


I can use the money to buy a new camera!

One of the reasons of wanting to repair this camera mainly because we paid around S$700 plus to buy it (3 to 4 years back). It was one of the best cameras in town. I couldn’t imagine the technology of camera has advanced so fast. We paid S$200 plus for a 1GB memory card and now only need less than S$50 to get a 4GB memory card. WOOT!!!

We left with only one choice that is to get a new camera. Since Comex Show is next starting next Thursday to Sunday (10 – 13 Sept), we decided to get one camera from there. Both of us are supporter of Sony, so we will be getting DSC-T900. Is there any other suggestion? In the meantime, I will be using the only working camera we have. I hope I will not invite any stare when I am using it.

Our Sony cameras

Our Sony cameras

As for this camera, Jay, I am sorry to take your comment lightly when I first read it. I am using your method (to repair the camera) right now. Hope it will bring the life of this camera back!

Tip given by Jaywalk

Tip given by Jaywalk

BTW Jay, does the rice need to cover the camera?