Days, Dates, Weather & Time

Days, Dates, Weather, Greeting


Do some of you find the above picture familiar?

Yes, this was what LNT included in part of their lesson.

I remembered when we first attended the class; the lesson will start with introducing Days, Date, & Today weather. If my memory didn’t fail me, they also teach greeting like good morning, etc.

And now I am adopting their method.

We have invested a printer and a laminating machine for our homeschooling project (labeling machine is still outstanding on our list). I feel learning materials need to be neatly done up, safe, not easily broken, so will smooth the progress of learning.

Before I decided on how to teach days, dates, weather, greeting, etc, I did make a trip to some learning toy stores to survey their toys on this arena.


The cards can be easily put into my child’s mouth and since it is made of paper, it can be easily come apart. So soon or later I will see them in pieces. (Growing Fun is selling Date chart in cloth form.) I need plastic card, where I can clean them easily and “safe” for Yvette to mouth. (Of course it will not be safe if she keeps mouthing that plastic sheet.)

So decision to make our own cards was obvious.

These cards will be up on the white board in the living hall and will show them to Yvette daily in the morning. I will need to change the greeting card – Good morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening & Good night; when the time of the day changes.


IMG_1825 - New IMG_1826 - new

I brought two “clocks” from Growing Fun several months ago. Yvette had been playing with it and from time to time I did hold on to the clock and teach her “time”. Yvette love to remove those numbers on one of clock where I find it’s a hazard to do so.

Actually it will be good, from time to time, I can point the time on the clock to Yvette  in any time of the day but we don’t have a wall clock at home. So for the time being, this “Time” project will not be effective to Yvette till we get our wall clock. (I hope soon. We have been procrastinating to do so as we are relying on the alarm clock on the toy shelves.)


4 thoughts on “Days, Dates, Weather & Time

  1. Laminating machine is a good investment, we laminate our flashcards too so they can last longer.

    Not sure if you know, there’s a corner cutting thing you can get in Popular, just a snap, the sharp corners will become round.

    I also got the same clock from growing fun! Chloe, like Yvette likes to sort the shapes.

  2. hey, just to let u knw john little have expo sale and they are selling some of the jigsaw puzzles ..

    nt sure is it exp or nt, but a box of 9 animals puzzles is $9 ….

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