Southern Ridges Walk to Henderson Waves to Vivo City – The Journey (Part 1)

It been D want to do list during clearing his AL and finally we set our foot there! I have so much to blog about this trip.

About The Journey

We started the walk from Southern Ridges, just opposite Hort Park. We took a cab from our home and asked the taxi driver to drop us near the Alexandra Arch bridge. And from there, we started our journey!


Although it is 12 noon when we embarked our journey, the weather didn’t deter us from hiking.  In fact the warm sun was just nice. We moved ourselves into the Forest Walk (1.3 km), one of the most impressive sections of the trail. This steel walkway is 18 m high above ground that zig-zagged its way around beautiful, serene greenery nature.




About halfway through, we saw an impressive collection of “black and white” bungalows paralleling Preston Road . D loves it very much and started to dream having one of them. But I guess these houses will be too expensive for us to own it!!!

Dream on!

At the end of the Forest Walk, we saw a pavilion but we didn’t rest there. We moved on.  There are plenty of sign board giving us the direction. We will never get lost during this walk.


The Hilltop Walk (1.0 km) brought us to “Terrace Garden” up a small hill that offers an almost-360-degree view of Singapore. This was the first stop we have our first leg rest and toilet break. We didn’t manage to take much picture there. Yvette wasn’t cooperative but the view is heart breaking enough!


There is a toilet, a vending machine which the cost of drink is not being marked up and even water cooler machine. So thoughtful of N park.




After resting for about 10 mins, the next highlights of the trail, is the 36-meter-high Henderson Waves pedestrian bridge, connecting Telok Blangah to Mount Faber.


Entering the Henderson Waves I just love the wood. I love the wave too! The view of the sea beyond the forest is spectacular.



We didn’t walk to the Mt. Faber, one of Singapore’s older parks. So according the site, there is the Danish Seamen’s Church, a colonial confection of white and red that can be reached by following the paved road south which we miss.

We also miss the main attraction – Faber Point, home to the third and smallest of Singapore’s many Merlions.

But we certainly love the Jewel Box which is just down the road. It containing the terminus of the cable car from Sentosa plus an assemblage of five expensive restaurants, all of them rather too fancy after spending a few hours stomping around in the tropical heat. It will be good, if there will be some mid-range restaurants there. So that we could have our lunch there.





Yvette need another toilet break so we went up to there. D and I love the set up in Jewel Box and I love the lighting they have.




We also love the view that we saw.


It was getting late, we certainly miss our lunch time. We took the Marang Trail via staircase that offers the shortest route down to HarbourFront. But it was the tiring route down!


We think we could also walk down by the road just beside the trail. It will be much easier.


From the site, an alternatively way is keep on going straight, and you’ll reach the car park at the end of Mt Faber Park, from where you can take a bus to Harbour Front.

We feel  good to breathe in fresh, unpolluted air and listen to the sounds of various types of birds and to spot a squirrel hanging precariously on a branch high above ground.

Stay tuned for part 2 where I will pen down more about us, the nature and of course Yvette!

I have so much to write about this hiking trip!

Continued here


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