Alphabets – This Is The Way We Going To Learn

This week I will be sharing more on the learning materials we have at home for our homeschooling curriculum. I hope readers can share with me on your thought and your teaching methods too.


Learning alphabets is one of the fundamental learning milestones for every child to go thru. But teaching them can be challenging. I am very sure if I do A for Apple, B for Boy, C for Cat with Yvette, it will be very boring. Surely and slowly, Yvette will find them uninteresting. So I have to find out the creative way for both of us to learn together.

I am a regular reader of Kiasu Parents and I found these entries (here and here) had given me some idea on “How to start teaching  ABC”. With that, I did more research by surfing the net and I found out more and more ideas of teaching them creatively. (Read Plans for Yvette after she turns 18 mths to find out more on how other mummies are teaching their child ABC.)

It a great idea to make letter card but I did not use sandpaper. (I couldn’t find sand paper yet.) I use rice grain, bean and cotton wool for now. And here are the results. (I brought the purple cardboard from Daiso for S$2 and cut them into two pieces.)





Beside the paper card, I also brought a few alphabet books and these books cost me less than S$10 to own them as I purchased them from second hand bookstore. I love reading Chicka Chicka ABC to Yvette now. She loves me reading this book to her too. I feel I am singing rather than reading this to her. (I am still sourcing for alphabet books.)


As I will be still sending her to JGC, I brought their (first) newly launched book – An Alphabet Zoo Phonemic Adventure. It comes with a CD and a songbook. I have been playing this song daily for Yvette and she started to pick up the pronunciation of the alphabet after listening to them.


Though there are plenty of preparation works for me but I am getting excited. I hope Yvette will enjoy this new learning journey with me.


2 thoughts on “Alphabets – This Is The Way We Going To Learn

    • There is one small set up at Thomson Plaza selling plenty of second hand books. But they are only there for certain time of a month.

      If you are really interested, I can let you know if I happen to be there.

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