Lovely Sweet Ice Cream (LG KF350)

Bye Bye to my Samsung SGH-E870, a very old phone that I brought in 10 July 2006. I am a Samsung HP user for the last 5 years. My first Samsung HP, SGH-S500 which I used for 2 yrs 8mths. (Ops… coincidently, both HP I used for about same period of time.)


I wanted to get a third Samsung HP but the only flip phone in the market for Samsung, SGH-G400 is out of stock in most stores. (I got to admit I can’t leave without a HP :S)

So I compromised.

Hubby brought me a new LG HP instead.

Woot… sweet BO???? Machiam bring me back to sweet teen age :S haha… (Act cute here)



But before I could test this new HP; something happened. I think my SIM card is also spoilt.

Shit… 真是祸不单行, 破财消


6 thoughts on “Lovely Sweet Ice Cream (LG KF350)

  1. The new LG phone looks nice, and the pink colour would probably suit female users better. ^^

    I used to have a Samsung phone too; the interface etc is nice, but its battery life gets pretty short after some time. Wonder if the newer phones have fixed this issue already?

  2. I am not too sure of your limit on the battery life?

    If your call volunme is high, I guess you need to charge yr HP every 2 days which my hubby is doing right now. His latest HP is a Samsung SGH-i900 Omnia

  3. Hi, i am very interested in this phone but have read a lot of bad comments about it..1 even spoilt(hanged) after 1 day and couldnt be restarted at all, others said their voice couldnt be heard clearly on the other end etc..i am wondering if ur phone faces any problem? pls advise

  4. Hi Mickey,

    Yes, I do face “hanged” problem when I tried to send sms. The voice quality is ok for me. Seriously, if possible, I think, you should give this phone a miss. I sort of regretting getting this. I should have buy a simple Samsung HP instead.

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