Winter Melon & Pearl Barley Soup

The weather is hot recently. I decide to cook something cooling today to boost up our immunity system.



Winter Melon (Half) (Remove the skin and seed)

50g Pearl Barley (is cooling. Promotes dieresis, strengthen the Spleen, clears heat. Blend barley and water, boil and drink the liquid. Or cook soupy barley and eat as porridge.)

Carrot (peel the skin)

6 Scallops (soak)

10 red dates (soak)

Big bone and pork rib


  1. Boil the big bone for half an hour and remove the impurities.
  2. Scald the pork rib and wash them thoroughly.
  3. Add the pork rib and the pearl barley to cook for 15mins
  4. Add all other ingredients and boil for another 1 hour.

One thought on “Winter Melon & Pearl Barley Soup

  1. Amazing delicious recipe. Barley is very healthy. It is rich in nutrients. It helps in various ways like for skin purifier, cures pimples, helps to get taut skin, it act as skin whitener and has many other benefits. It can also be used as body scrub, which can be rubbed on the skin for 15-20 minutes to get optimal exfoliation.

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