Junior League Singapore’s #1 Children’s Specialty Salon @ Suntec City

After swimming, we had lunch at the coffee shop at Turf City before we headed to Suntec for two important tasks.

I was away for interview and Daddy needs to manage Yvette while I was away. He took her to Carrefour to roam around and this made Yvette very happy. After an hour, I was back with them to do the second important task.

It’s always a struggle to cut Yvette’s hair in a salon. We tried once and Yvette is 100% traumatised. But due there is sign of some falling hair and the last cut done by me was really CIM (cannot make it), both of us agreed to bring her to the most expensive cut in town.

So which hair salon to go then? There are so many around.

After reading this entry from Lazymummy, I decided to bring Yvette to Junior League Singapore’s #1 Children’s Specialty Salon at Suntec City. (And Lazymummy advised me to go on Weekday.)


There was only one stylist in the shop and after we walked in, I shared the horrible experience we had before. I thought she will be discouraged by me but, in fact she was actually quite motivated to cut Yvette’s hair.

She took about 2 minutes to find an appropriate toy for Yvette. It was a little piano. (It did take me by surprise. A right toy for Yvette.) With that toy, she managed to lure Yvette to sit on the chair. Yes, Yvette wanted to climb up the chair herself to reach out the toy. I helped to put her on the chair.


Yvette was happily playing with the piano while sitting down there.


However, Yvette refused to put on the piece of cloth to cover her body. I told the stylist to proceed with the cut because I did bring along some spare clothing. And I have to sit beside her when she is doing the cut.


While Yvette was playing with her toy, the stylist started to cut Yvette hair.

To me, the cut seemed like an eternity though it only last for 15 minutes. Most of the time,  Yvette was really cooperative and remained still and seated. This really took us by surprised. We were anticipating Yvette will struggle a bit and even crying.



Although she didn’t resist throughout the 15 mins, there are some hiccups too. Besides the piano, TV, sweet (finally I find sweet is soooo useful), water spray and even part of the razor were used to distract Yvette.


All because Daddy requested to cut Yvette’s hair to really short, there was a need to use electric razor. And when she started to use this equipment, although the sound of the razor she used was soooo soft; suddenly Yvette gained some awareness.


The stylist managed to coax her by pointing her to watch TV, passing her the hair spray, and even part of the razor. And every time she successfully brought the fear within Yvette down. I chipped in to help too. I need to hold on to Yvette from time to time. I talked to Yvette, I played with Yvette. And so coincidentally, one of the music played by the piano was so familiar to us. It was the Starfall Camp tune. Every little help make the hair cut smoother.

While Yvette cut was being cut, Daddy moved around to take down picture and also help to distract our little girl too.

Overall, I would give all the credit to the hair stylist. She is so patient and versatile with Yvette. She managed to coax Yvette whenever Yvette started to feel uncomfortable. Yvette didn’t even shed a single tear during the cut hair.

After the cut, Yvette was allowed to choose a balloon and given the choice to choose for a pack of sticker.

It is definitely worth-while to pay such a price for a cut especially it is so heart breaking to see Yvette howling over a haircut let alone having nightmare after that. We were so happy with the result as Yvette has never been so neat before. We will be certainly come back for the next cut and I hope the next experience will be as good!


P/S: Having hair cut during weekday is a good decision. The lady kept wanting to do a nice cut for Yvette. She also helped to vacuum away the hair on her top and bottom after we removed her clothing. She also passed me some tips on how to cut hair too.


5 thoughts on “Junior League Singapore’s #1 Children’s Specialty Salon @ Suntec City

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  2. *haha* It’s the exact same piano that I used to play with Jacob during his haircut, altho’ we went to Junior League at United Square instead. And yeah, we always go during a weekday morning – 1st customer when they open at 10.30am.

    Jacob won’t even sit down, lor. I have to wear the apron, then sit Jacob on me, turn the seat around so he can watch the TV if he wants over my shoulder. And yes, I bring extra set of clothes too.

    And he cries – but at least the hairdresser has no problem cutting a nice new haircut for a crying boy that is moving all over!

  3. Hi sound interesting, my daughter Kimberly also having problem with hair cut in the saloon.
    But what is the price for 1 hair cut?

    • Hey June,

      Welcome to my site.

      It is S$20 and you will get one stamp after the cut. I can’t remember how many stamp you need to collect to get one free cut.

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