Looking Back Week #7 of 2013

Week Recap for 10th – 16th Feb

About Yvette

1. Preschool – Oh damn it! It a false alarm when we received another mail from the main teacher that the boy is not HFMD. Oh well!

2. Preschool work – It all about Valentine this week as last week they have covered CNY. Didn’t attend the celebration which I think is a waste but then it better safe than sorry. When her English teacher shared with them about this lovely day, my daughter who gotten the “hint” came home and did a card for her teacher. I am really happy seeing her transforming from a little tot to a little girl who is so sensitive and thoughtful now. And how much in a short period of time, her new English teacher has won over her little heart!

201307 Week #7

For Gourmet, Yvette made hearted-shaped sandwiches, using eggs, jam, colourful sprinkles, bread, margarine and lot of love and care.


3. Learning at home – In my last post, I blog about how the preschool has help Yvette improved her Chinese. Indeed the result is great. She can now do a full conversation in Mandarin with me. They also developed in depth learning of Chinese Character writing in her. She really loves to write Chinese Character now.


About the Family & Me

10th Feb – First day of CNY. It amazing that we stay the whole day at home. It been raining for the whole day. No visiting of relatives. However, my mum, my brother, SIL, sister and BIL did pop by to have dinner.

11th Feb – Rain never goes away. It was raining like nobody business for the past few days but we managed to get out of the house before pouring. We visited Art Science Museum for two exhibitions. The Art of Bricks and Fujians. Really eye opening. We are impressed with the creation using Lego. Yvette loves this exhibition very much.


We also visited the River Ang Bao 2013. Initially we wanted to go Sentosa or Istana. However we didn’t keep track of our timing and of course the raining came without asking any permission… haha…


12th Feb – I brought Yvette to my colleague’s house at Punggol. I love this dress that Daddy brought for her during the Christmas Season.


After the visiting we headed down to Chinatown to see the long snake! And have dinner with one of my BFF, Jovise!


13th Feb – I started work on Wednesday where the Fire was out at Newton MRT. Ha.. My colleague had warned me not to start work on 初四。

14th Feb – Happy Valentine! We did nothing to celebrate!

16th FebWe visited Stella! My BFF cooked me good food, brought me a cake and as well as given me a birthday present. Love her thoughtful and her love for me! And our kids had great fun too. (love this candid shot!)



Looking Back Week #6 of 2013

Week Recap for 03rd – 09th Feb

About Yvette

1. Preschool – School informed us there was one kid down with HFMD. And worst of all, it was from her class. We stopped sending Yvette to school on Thursday. And we missed the CNY Celebration in school too. (The school arranged the celebration to be held in the class instead of joining the rest of the kids in the gym room.) We also took this chance to let her recuperate at home as well. Yes, she been coughing and having running nose since the second week of Jan. (A course of anti-biotic, running nose and coughing medication.)


2. Enrichment class – I didn’t send her to any enrichment class this week. All done by Daddy as I was so busy with work before CNY. No art class at Nafa too.

3. Learning at home – For Chinese, I really depend on the Chinese Teacher from her preschool to do the work. Apparently, I think the teachers did do a good job. She simple loves this subject a lot and this is how we help her to revise at home. She can write Chinese Character well too. (Will try to take a picture for next update.)


4. Drawing – Here a piece of art done by Yvette and her daddy on the board before it was been erased off by one of them.


About the Family & Me

My week was extremely busy. I worked throughout few nights to get work done before the CNY.

On Friday, I took half a day to go Meid-Ya at Liang Court. (My office was nearby.) It was raining cats and dogs when I was done with all the shopping. I braved the rain and managed to get home by 2 plus and rush to temple to pray my FIL. It was the first year after so many years without him. –  I was so empty.

After the praying, hubby suggested a few places to go and we got ourselves having dinner at Parkway Parade. I love this shopping mall especially since it was still raining and it get very quiet than usual.

My little princess who got me on the nerve, but still manage to get me to pay for the rental of the little car in the mall. (SIGH!) This last for less than 15 mins and she didn’t want to sit in there anymore. Too small, no leg room and too bored to stay in the little car. She was then running and rooming around the mall like nothing had happened!


No celebration for this CNY. No visiting of relatives. But I did have a reunion lunch with my parents. Again, the sumptuous lunch was cooked by my SIL who is a great cook like me. Smile (I did cook a simple dinner in the evening and gather my hubby’s siblings to our house too.)


After the lunch, as usual, we will play manjong. This year was my 太岁 year but surprisingly, I won big!



Looking Back Week #5 of 2013

Week Recap for 27 – 02nd Feb

Hey, I know I am late. For the past two weeks I am busy busy busy. I worked till 3 am at home yesterday! Rushing out files for system migration! And not forgetting I have tons of deadline to meet for AUDIT!

So what had happened in the last week. (This week is coming to an end too!!!)

About Yvette

Honestly I can’t really remember what had happened. Let me do something short and brief!

1. Preschool – Still trying to sort out the discipline and the expectation on the teachers with the Preschool. We just had one meeting involved 6 parents and 3 teachers, 1 management personnel on Monday. I am hopefully there will be another round of improvement!

2. Preschool work – Their theme for this term is all about Community. For Gourmet Lesson she did a Bus using bread, biscuit and kiwi fruit.


Something worth applauding, Yvette finally sleeps around 10.30-11 pm and wakes up in the morning at 8.20 am to walk to school. The change is due to this theme that she is learning in school. (This has last for more than 2 weeks, another week, it will be 21 days and hopefully it really becomes her habit!!!)

In one of the discussion, the kids were discussing the mode of transportation that they used to travel to school. Embarrassingly, she didn’t dare to disclose she was still using stroller. (She lied) and claimed she used bicycle. Of course, the teacher was in doubt and she checked with us. There on, she changed. I feel now she has growth up and gained awareness over herself.

Another worth mentioning achievement she had, she is now able to recite poems with feel and confidentially. Her Chinese has improved a lot too.

3. Creative Learning at home – yeah! Our lapbook is done! First achievement of the year!

She also came to me and showed me this. She told me this copy-writing exercise was done during my absent. (I attended a wedding lunch last week.) (She initiated and did it all by herself.) I love her handwriting.


4. NAFA Art & her Art – She drew this! What does this look like to you?


Although her drawing is far from the things that she tries to draw, but I could see she takes a lot of pride and effort in making the piece of her art. I love this piece of drawing she drew last week. (The cover of her sketchbook.)


I think, I feel – Every piece of drawing our kid could draw up is unique.

About the Family & Me

I finally completed a 10.5 km run and gotten myself a finisher metal. It a resolution that I set for myself for many years. The timing is not too bad for someone like me who do no training for this year. 1hr 50 mins with 2 toilets break of 10 mins! I hope to run more and better timing too.


Me getting tired now and I think this is so much I can recall for all for the past one week… CNY is 2-3 days down the road, Happy CNY to all the readers out there! Time for bed!

Looking Back Week #4 of 2013

Week Recap for 20 – 26th Jan

About Yvette

1. Preschool – Discipline Issue is still not in force in their class. We have gone all the way to Assistant MD with a group of mummies. This is something not in our card. Oh well. I just wish to keep the teachers in their toes.

2. Preschool work – Pineapple tart is something she did in Gourmet Lesson. She doesn’t like pineapple so, she doesn’t like pineapple tart at all. I find this is a good news. One pineapple tart has 200-300 calories for 2 pieces. It is good not to fall in love with it. But on the other hand, she loves Bak Kwa…. Oh that is going to kill her when she is older. (Although we can’t celebrate CNY, we are still buying CNY Goodies.


3. Creative Learning at home – We finally started our lapbook at home. Let us finish the whole topic and I shall find time to blog.


4. Help out at home –Helper didn’t turn up last Sunday as she was sick. I am someone who encourage my child to pack her own stuff and help out in housework. Yvette has already trained to pack her own bag since Nursery 2 and now she could do it all by herself (mostly). She saw us so busy with housework and she volunteered to help. To me, it doesn’t matter how she could complete a task now, it is more of the attitude.


5. NAFA Art – Finally after the 3rd lesson, there is output. I been waiting because in WOW Art, there will be a piece of work to bring home. Here her work in 3rd & 4th lessons.



About the Family & Me

I attended a BBTC (Bethesda Bedok Tampines Church). The bride is my existing colleague. I love the way the Pastor giving the couple a short message about marriage. In fact, I have totally agree with him – Marriage is HEARTwork. A interesting door gift from the couple too.


I (we) tried 3 new eateries this week. All the food I have tried is nice. It is worth visiting YaYoiKen. It is cheap and good. (I notice it is a incomplete picture collage done by me. Too lazy to redo. I shall accept the imperfection.)


Looking Back Week #3 of 2013

Week Recap for 13 – 19th Jan

About Yvette

1. Preschool – An upsetting week passed.  IS all the current preschools run on a business and profit-making models? After attending the curriculum talk hosted by the school on Thursday, I feel empty. The feeling of this thought is so strong now. “A good pre-school must have a principle who preaches good moral values not a management that talk to us like a Sales Person!” I know I am not alone.

2. Preschool work – Her cooking; a bus. Nothing much was brought back home this week.


3. Growing spurt – She been requesting food, food and lot of food. She can eat and eat without stopping. At 10 on Wednesday, she still request for food. I gave her a slice of white bread and some water.


4. Lego – Daddy had taught Yvette how to make maze using Lego.


5. Yvette’s Talking. Here the extract of what I have posted on my FB. (I am trying to be at least FB active for this year. So that I can really keep track what has happened in my life.

Yvette's Talking

About The Family & Me

Yes this week is my birthday week. I ate 4 different types of days since Saturday to Tuesday. A BIG thank you to all my friends and family members who celebrated my birthday with me


I had my morning with two mummies from my dd’s preschool. We yak about life and as well as school. Hubby was nice. He took half day leave to accompany me. Brought me lunch at YingTai Palace where nice Thai food was served. Brought a pretty dress for me as birthday present. However, the whole celebration didn’t turn out “as fine” as I expected. Oh well… but I have another piece of good news which I can’t reveal now.


This is a lazy week. I don’t feel like working at all. And lastly I am so crazy over the Candy Crush Saga. My whole family is playing this game now!


Looking Back Week #2 of 2013

Week Recap for 6th – 12th Jan

About Yvette

1. Preschool – The “real” first week has ended. The class size is something we don’t like but we have no choice and have to “close” one eye. Things happened which I find not acceptable.

a. They asked us to reduce the bedding set citing space constraint in school. The main teacher informed the hubby that the aircon temperature has adjusted up so that the kid won’t feel cold. As far as I know, it is a central aircon in the building and there is no way to adjust it. And moreover we have been in this school for two years; I know how the situations like.

b. The teacher has called Crystal’ mummy to obtain her permission not to bath C. Giving all sort of reasons, then in the end, the truth is, they are short handed. Well, I didn’t get the call and I doubt I will agree.

c. I think Yvette is in growing spurt. Mashed potato was given during one of their lunch time as staple food and she ended up not eating much. So that end of the day, she could finish half a packet of $3 fried rice and two slices of white bread during dinner. Aww… my poor baby.

2. Preschool work – Well I am not going to update everything she learnt during the week. It will be piece meal here and there.

They have Gourmet Lesson every Friday. This is something Yvette really like. I missed updating the cookies she made on Week 1. Here the cookies of her face in the top left had corner and the racing car for Week 2.


She drew a few pieces of art. I like these two pictures the best. (By the way, Yvette is someone that doesn’t like to go into detail when come to drawing.)

3. Yvette’s Talking – Yvette speaks the darn things…. Two incidents of of her talking still very fresh in my mind.

Raining Cats & Dogs. The first time she heard this idiom was we were on the bus on our way home. It was raining heavily. Papa passed a remark – Yvette, see it was Raining Cats & Dogs now. And Yvette replied, “Where is the Cats & Dogs?”

One to two weeks ago, it was still raining heavily. (arrr… yesterday… the rain is also very heavy I got myself half wet.) While bathing her, I asked her (it was raining heavily outside), “Do you know the meaning of Raining Cats & Dogs?” Yvette replied, “Got cats & dogs outside or not!”

4. Creative Learning at home – Here the papa had taught her about Lego. The first picture is about Maths. He taught her to build this, it required the following equation – 4×4, 3×3, 2×2, 1×1. The second picture is for imagination. Hubby is good. He is a quite creative person. He build this without any help from picture. And he is cultivating Yvette to build on things that require a brain juices. I hope Yvette is able to learn new perspective – thinking out of box from building Lego. We have two boxes of Lego and she love playing with them. It is really a very good toy that can keep her occupied for 3-4 hours.



About the Family & Me

It is a busy week for me this week. In fact, for the next three months, I will be very busy. I take care of 4 (entities) accounts and we are in the phase of changing into a new accounting system. 4 entities, 3 months of parallel run and training a new Accountant in Indonesia. Woo… I can see a hill in front of me.

Next, I am trying to book a holiday to get away during CNY. However I face a lot of choice vs against cost. In the end, most likely we will be staying back in Singapore. However, I think I will bring Yvette to ArtScience Museum during the holiday. I bet she will love the The Art of the Brick.

I found this vegetable in the Market. Anyone eat this before? I found out we will see this during CNY only.


Finally the highlight of my week is, I watched Rainie Yang Concert with my colleague. (A treat for myself for 35th Birthday.) She is a really hardworking artist.  And I do enjoy feel young again.



Looking Back Week #1 of 2013

I plan to do a summary of 2012 in photo. I need to recap what had happened and it is still in photos collecting mode. Looking back the photos taken in 2012 indeed did bring back a lot of memories that are not capture here. So for this year, I want to do a weekly recap. By doing this, it will definitely make my blogging much easier and most of all, when I look back into 2013 I could have a better picture of my life not in general but in more details. (Trust me, such post can be boring…)

Week Recap for 1st – 5th Jan

About Yvette

1. PreSchool. – Yvette is promoted to K1 in her existing preschool. We have been in this school since PG (Playgroup). This school is giving me more headache than before. Sometimes I do think it is time for change but she is already so comfortable there. Sigh… in my heart I do wonder why I pay so much yet getting this kind of service. (Just ranking.)

2. Enrichment. – I remove the Chinese Curriculum as requested by Yvette. Their lesson and teachers are both good and I have no idea why Yvette dislike going. She is still attending her piano lesson but no longer in Mac Music School. She had completed the beginner lesson and now moving on with a private tutor. I still think I should continue letting her to learn piano despite her interest is not going strong.

CMA is the newly added enrichment class in 2012. She has been there for 2 terms and this year will be her third term. Other than doing homeworking using abacus, she loves going to this class. In fact the teachers have been telling me she is a bright student and doesn’t require much effort to teach her. She used 2 terms to learn all the formulas for foundation and she will be moving up to Grade 13 this year.

For Art, we switch Yvette from Wow Art to Nafa Art. Ops I have blog nothing about Wow Art at all! Anyway, it is a long way to get into Nafa Art. I will blog about it one day.

3. Home Learning. – We are not doing a lot for the past one year. Half of year in 2012, we were coping with my FIL illness and death. From the day we all knew about his cancer and to his funeral. (We had 1/7 –7/7 praying and as well as 100 days in the temple.) All these took up a lot of our energy and time and left no time for Yvette. So I am really glad Yvette is a fast learner and she loves to learn.  And it is not difficult to just read and talk fact to her. She can comprehend. The school does do a good job. Last year we had one of the best teachers.

Anyway I really hope to do more with her this year. We manage to do some Thematic Learning about Human body this week. I plan to do up to 4-6 topics this year.  (Will try to blog…)

With that, she had some mini achievement this week too. She fixed up 28 pieces of puzzle all by herself and then follow on with 60 pieces of puzzle with 30% of my help.


4. Found new Love – She been watching Peppa Pig and occasionally she will watch Maisy series on Youtube. On 4th Jan, she found Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom & Horrid Henry. (I don’t really like Horrid Henry but sometimes I think I should let her learn “some naughty tricks”.)

About the Family & Me

1. We counted down into the year 2013 together with my SIL family at home

2. We hiked on day one of 2013. The family with my SIL family, walked from Hort Park to Vivo City. I am surprise Yvette walked with us too. (She was sleeping when we reached Hort Park. But she walked for about 2km of the road which I find it is really a achievement for her.)


3. Bugis+, pronounced as Bugis Plus, formerly Iluma is a 10 storey shopping mall which is 5 minutes walk from Bugis is located within the Bugis district of Singapore and opened its doors on March 28, 2009.  We visited this mall for the first time.


4. We tried 3 new eateries in the first week of Jan. The King Louis, Uma Uma and Kungfu Paradise.