This song is even more touching than the song Hebe sang for Selina.



Staying At One For Us? Possible…

Reading this post from Rachel, again bringing me to the consideration on providing Yvette another sibling. 

One - IMG_1228

We, or I don’t deny I used to love to have 4 children. (No joke, this number used to be the ideal.) Then when I have to waited for 5 years for just one kid, this number is being half by me. Then we decided to stop at two so that at least Yvette will have someone to rely upon when we passed on. That’s my want for the year too. We planned in such a way that when Yvette is ready for full day school, we will then try for the second one so that I could spend 70% of the time with the second precious while Yvette is away at school.

My wish was crushed by the recent bad pregnancy. Not only me was badly affected, D was affected too. WE can’t imagine Yvette will to grow up without a mother and D will be the only sole caregiver. As such, this is a daunting thought for us now. Plus I can’t get pregnant now. This plan has to be brought backward for another half a year (I will see my gynae again in Jan 2012).

By then I will be 34, and I don’t think I am that lucky to get conceive without difficulty.   I think I don’t have the courage to be pregnant at 35. I don’t think I have the kind of energy at 35. I will probably enjoying my freedom since Yvette will then be 4 next year. 

Staying at one for us? Possible unless accident smack on us.

I’m Glad I Blog

I’m glad I have started this blog about more than 3.5 years ago. Frankly, simple moments are easily forgotten if we have not pen down any story. I have just crossed a huge hurdle of my life and I am glad I am fine.

I notice this site is not insurance for me only. This site will serve an important platform if anything will to happen to me, Yvette will be able to read her growth and developments, my joy and everything about her, here.

But that’s not enough.

There are many small events, her first year are not recorded here. So to complete the picture I will start to blog that history that has already passed. Perhaps this will bore reader but then I believe it is really worthwhile for me to do so. I would want Yvette to know what had happened if I really pass on (Choy!) before she grown up.

I will also want to develop them into picture book. I wanted to invest Adobe Photoshop. But for a start, instead of throwing money into something that I have no idea how to use it, I will switch my lappy to Mac Book. (I learnt Mac book has some picture editing software program.) I also want to invest a good camera. This thought has been on my mind since Yvette was born. We have taken too many pictures that need to be edited, (I am not a pro in picture taking) and I wish to take many more pictures. I also want to buy a video camera to record down moments which we wish to preserve.

A blog like this serves me well but I want more especially when time have passed on…all these picture and videos will be so precious along the memory lane…

The Answer For GE2011

Looking at our new cabinet, there is only one question I want to ask. Is it due to (in a way) Aijunied GRC?  After all, it was a collective decision made by 2.2 million people.

No matter what, I like the outcome.


The departure, the stepping down and the resignation.

I want to have faith for the change and I hope at least for now, our leaders are really listening and not forgetting the eyes of Singaporeans remain open and the vote in our hands are really POWERFUL!


Round up for GE2011 – Don’t Vote For The Sake of Changing

We can no longer ignore the problems because they have gradually built up, If we don’t rectify the all these issues right now, I can’t imagine “The Singapore” when the next Election kicks in in 2016. (Will there be one? Recalling one tweet I have read a few days ago: “In 2016, there will be One Mega GRC with S$1.4 m deposit.”)

Many of us staying up late trying to read all news relating to this GE those close to our heart. IF GE 2006 is political awakening to me then GE 2011 will be political intensifying for me. I mentioned I joined the WP last rally in 2006. The emotion was electrifying and truly I was moved.

Emotions apart, why need change?

Besides those issues I have stated briefly, we are lucky, really lucky. We have a house loan that not too much for us to stomach. I can be a stay at home mom without much worry. I shouldn’t have much problem to take care of my parent’s medical bill (but not nursing home bill) even I don’t work as long as I pay the insurance premium I brought for them 14 years ago.

Then why change?

As a trained Accountant, to me checks and accountability are really important. How transparent the financial report should be?

We have no idea how ALL our money gone to? Yes of course, most of us have benefited from the policies implemented by PAP government and I do feel grateful for our government that has led us and Singapore to where it is today.

However I am really not comfortable where there are no checks and balances. To counter check to ensure that it’s the best possible decision before it’s implemented since we the commoners also understand that the world is ever changing. Even Yvette could spot mistake made by me when I coach her, how can it possible no checks on the government at all? Admit it, we are human and we do make mistakes. Please don’t tell me our govt. makes no mistake at all.

I bet no one wish to overthrow the PAP government as that will bring about political instability which all of us know will affect our jobs, property value, share markets, etc…

So vote wisely later. Don’t be afraid of change but don’t vote for the sake of changing. And every vote counts!

A Resident’s Testimony about Chiam See Tong and Potong Pasir

Something you might not know.

I gotten permission to publish this: –

From Jenny Ong:

I think I must say this about Mr Chiam ST after living in Potong Pasir for coming 12 years…

Mr Chiam is really a man with a heart for the people that are under his charge.

Thus far, I have never paid a single cent- not even 1 cent for all the things he had done for my estate. He did..

  1. lift upgrading( not every level though but i…t’s good enough cuz he changed for us a new n bigger lift )
  2. fire hydrant door
  3. carpark upgrading
  4. painting for my block
  5. change pipe( sewage )
  6. jogger track( he overlaid the pavement as it was an uneven track)
  7. covered walkway ( no fear of rain snow or hail!)
  8. re- cementing every level !

For all these, I think I’m grateful to him cuz with whatever limited n little fund that he has, he did what he could do for the residents of potong Pasir. He is really a politician from the alternate voice that I respect.

My husband said our conservancy rate is one of the lowest in spore, maybe it’s true.. We r paying $49.90 monthly (4 rooms flat).

Ok, a few days ago, we received a pamphlet from PAP Sitoh who informed us that my block is selected for LUP (lift upgrade for every floor) and if majority vote for it , i have to co- pay 7.5% of the cost. Hmm…. With PAP in the picture , does it = pay and pay literally? (Ariel adds, “in case you don’t know, all lift upgrading and extra-room-upgrading is co-pay)

NOW I think it is clearer why Potong Pasir’s Resident voted Mr Chiam in!

Nomination Day & I Am Going to Vote!

I am happy really happy. Being a Singaporean for 33 years, finally I have my right to vote. (Beside baking at home, the coming GE keeps me very very occupied!)

I get very interested with politics since I started to blog back in 2006 that’s when the last GE took place. I went to the largest crowd rally of WP and that moved my heart. I understand that we should always take care of ourselves in General but GOVT. will be the one taking care of us during difficult times. No?

Since then I been reading more news about politics online rather depend on the mainstream.

Vote -  IMG_0082

I have never met my MP before after staying in TPY for more than 10 years. For D, he who has been staying in TPY for 30 over years and he (we) met our MP for the first time last Saturday. (Oh our Yvette is lucky, all MPs come forward to her and said hi to her last Saturday.) Perhaps we have no fate with our MPs even they do walk around… but seriously no.. I/We have never seen them around.

Thanks for Mr Chiam who (has been using this humble cubicle to serve his constituents every Thursday for the past 27 years) is willing to forgo his comfort zone and come forward giving me a chance to vote. Casting our vote (yes, D also never vote before) are exercising our rights as a citizen.

Does the existing government realise there is a need to relook into all the policies laid down? Our government runs our country like corporation. Our country is measured by GDP growth. And this KPI is leaving all the poor behind. No safety net for the poor. (Although many Mps emphasis they know who are the needy? Do they really know? Hmmmm…)

Oh well.

Taking housing as example. I am surprise so many of us is worry about asset enhancement if Opposition steps into the parliament. I thought a house is supposed to be a roof over the head and it should never never use it as asset. I know Singaporean is lucky that we do “own” our house but then we will only OWN it when we are 50? 60? or even 70? Still we are lucky because MBT said Singapore is the only country has the highest number home owner?!?!

And yes, we didn’t face housing problem when we tied a knot 10 years back. And the location I am staying now is the prime HDB estate in Singapore. We have never worry about upgrading. It is not because for so long, we are in the heavy weighted PAP’s ward  but it is because TPY is located at one of the strategy  location in Singapore. Do you think Government will stop building flat in TPY even it is taken care by Opposition? Do anyone happen to know they enblock Blk 79 and built (think is 5) more flats and anyone know what is the revenue? And do anyone happen to know the selling price of The Pig Peak (BTO)? Please don’t think you can sell away your flats and buy a flat in TPY easily. The COV in TPY is S$60k to S$80K!!!

I know we didn’t face much child care issue when we need to send my girl to school. But then I wouldn’t agree we have no issue at all.

Government wants the mothers to work, so they provide us with Maid Levy and Child care subsidiary. And they have did not have any other solutions besides these two options which do come with BIG problem too.

Who don’t know maids give tones of problem?

As for Child Care, I have no other alternative if Yvette falls sick. There is no one to look after her.

I know life is not meant to be a bed of roses, I know I would have to work hard. I know I can’t depend on govt. But then isn’t it Govt’s job to look after us? And this pains my heart – How come there is only 2,350,873 voters in Singapore for this election but we have a population of 5 million?

I grown up knowing PAP is good because they are helping us. But how come my heart is swaying away.

My vote should go to someone who will care and really cares! And do PAP really care anymore? It is obvious where my vote will be….

P/S: I draft this on the Nomination day and just too lazy to publish because I have yet updating those post-dated post!