If I feel her English is good, in term of word recognition, reading, comprehension. Her Chinese is as good. I certainty get pays off after I have invested more time and even send her to Chinese Enrichment Class. (A class worth paying. S$320 for 13 lessons on weekend. What a catch!!!)

I got 婴幼儿生活游戏识字 from Happy Cottage and I am happy to share that she loves all these books very much and definitely added more Chinese word into her language bank.


We don’t revise this book everyday and today she read the above to me without making a single mistake. (She also learnt this word from the Chinese Class too)


Activity Books from Dang Dang-Part 2 & Others

Often I did received readers’ email on how they can help their child to excel or what activities suit their child best. Again I am not an expert in this field. What works for Yvette doesn’t apply to everyone out there.

Usually I will reply their mails but if I do have a bit of time, I will pen down a post. I believe this post will not only benefit this reader. It will benefit some of you too.

Nici dropped me a me asking me whether I have recommendation for her child who is 2+ now. In her mail, she mentioned her child loves sticker book and coloring activity. She quoted my last post asking me whether it will cater to her need because she can’t speak or understand Chinese.

Well I would say some books will suit you, Nici. Try titles like the following:

Here are the samples for 迷宫(3岁) (the  & 剪纸游戏(3岁).

09_Sept 20111

09_Sept 2011

Your child should be able to work on the above books. It don’t require you to able to read and understand Chinese.

Other sticker and activity books in store for Yvette are:-

I got this from ELM Tree Paragon. It only cost me S$2.90.

09_Sept 20113

This Kitchen book cost me S$5.90 with 10% discount. (Provided I buy above S$10 then the discount will apply. But this discount card I have will only last me a year. I got to buy above S$80 bucks to entitle the discount again because renewing them cost me S$16 and it not worth of the money to do so.)

09_Sept 20112

Yvette has a good Ah Yee who love her as much as me. She often will get books for Yvette when she shop. (Yes, she make an effort to shop for Yvette too.) She brought a lot of sticker and activity books for Yvette. However, I hardly blog this. Awww…. I should have gave credit my sister for this. Anyway These 3 Pappa Pig Sticker books only cost my sister S$10 or S$12 bucks. (Think it was having discount when my sister got it for Yvette.)  And here are some more activity books my sister brought for Yvette while I was recuperating.

09_Sept 20114


(I think the price range of the book is about S$4.50- S$5.90 per book. She got this book from shop near Raffles Place or Tanjong Pagar.)

Hope the above will give readers more choice and idea in selecting activity books for your child. These books are definitely more  affordable than Kumon. But then I also think it is worthwhile investing in Kumon if your child is really into it.

37 mths Yvette Reading Chinese Reader Book

Her love in this language amazes me. I thought I will never manage to make her love Chinese because it really took us a long time on this subject.

However, she has proven me wrong.

Now she loves reading Chinese Book as much as English although she speaks English most of the time. And her ability on recognizing them had prompted us to work harder in this area.

Here are the two latest clips that I have recorded for her learning journey.

Books Yvette Read in May 2011

Bear with me, I am trying to update my sites with more milestones entries. Thus it will be all about learning & reading. I can’t do much honestly due to my working commitment, housework and my health. Thus, I really depend a lot on reading and D will help to expand Yvette’s knowledge by explaining to her. Luckily Yvette is actually a versatile person – No fix learning style for Yvette. Yvette can be Auditory, Visual and Kinaesthetic learner.

Yvette fall in love with Margaret Wild book. Simple sentence structure and rich illustration won her heart. Somehow I just couldn’t find Piglet and Mama from the library.

Books read in May 2011 - IMG_0450

And most importantly, she learn Billion is a 1 with 9 zeros!

Books read in May 2011

I skipped Level 2 of Ladybug reading series. Yvette has totally no problem reading these books with me and she could even answers the questions about the book at the back of the book. A foundation had set for her comprehension.

Books read in May 2011 - IMG_0456

Lastly, for Chinese, we are reading the last few books of 皮皮狗.

Books read in May 2011 - IMG_0459

Books Yvette Read in April 2011

We finally finished Book 1 of 四五块读. I have no plan to move to Book 2 yet. I will take May and June to revise with her. Reinforcing the words she learnt in this book and building up her sentence formation.

We really read a lot in this month and I believe May will be another month for books only.

Read April - IMG_0375

I bumped into Domestic goddess in TPY library and she passed me books from Mo Willems which I tried to introduce to Yvette a few months ago and have yet revisit it. I borrowed 4 books and Yvette was really hooked!

Read April - IMG_0151

Read April - IMG_0371

She could read his book all by herself and this has given her a sense of achievement.

For Chinese, we revisited 甜甜 (8 books) and as well as still reading 皮皮狗 (15 books).

Her reading appetite has really grew too. We can read up to 20 books each day and some of the books will need to read at least twice to her. I hope this attitude in reading will continue so that she can gain more knowledge and enjoy the joy of reading.

Roundup Learning For Yvette(2-3yo) – Chinese (Reading)


Chinese is the subject that I put in the most effort. The prefer language we speak to Yvette is English and the language between both of us (D & Myself) is Rojak. (We speaks English, Mandarin & Cantonese. Oh not forgetting Singish.) So, you can imagine the work hard I have invested in getting Yvette to speak and as well as reading is enormous.

Yvette doesn’t speak Mandarin often. If she does, she speak with a “singing” accent now. But still, she makes effort to use this language when she tries to speak with her grandpa at home and as well as my parents. I also did get good feedback on her learning attitude toward this subject from her Chinese Teacher in school too. Lastly, I have to admit and finally agree to it, after reading many articles and meeting people with English speaking family background, it is possible to “obtain” good result even you don’t speak the language. (Hard work pays off ultimately.)

Like English, I apply the same teaching style and approach in coaching Yvette in Chinese too.

  1. Create the right environment (Share in this post.)
  2. Find the “right” book for her.
  3. Read to her and never give up.

Since I have already shared the environment that we have created at home in previous post, let me go direct to finding the right book for Yvette.

Finding the right Chinese story book for Yvette is a uphill task.  I want book with clear stroke (nice font), no Pin Yin, no dual language printed on the book. I just want Yvette to concentrate reading and recognizing the character. This selection criteria “set a high standard” for me. Lucky I have Sam to recommend books to me and I am lucky to find a few series of book to start off when Yvette was 18 mths. So by applying the same assumption (on choosing the English storybook) on choosing the Chinese book, I manage to find a series of lift the flap book – 甜甜 (This is the only series of book I have with Han Yu Pin Yin. I brought this book because Yvette loves cat a lot when I really need something to grab her attention.). Then I found 皮皮狗. 可爱的鼠小弟 and 小猫当当 are a hit too.

I add-on Reader book such as 明明  series thru iPod Touch and as well as 我会读. These are more of the word recognition tool to me. And toward end of Year 2, I added 四五快读 as part of her learning tool

Lastly I sent her to one Chinese enrichment class on Sunday. So far, I like the curriculum and I could tell Yvette has also benefit from this program. I will revise those poems and songs she had learnt from this class with her at least once per week to reinforce what she had already learnt.

I face the same problem when I try to read Chinese book to Yvette too. She never listen, she never look at the illustration. She simply starts to do things she like, running around the room as I read. Again the golden rule is never give up.

As I read, I explain to her. I explain to her using some simpler term in Chinese and using English too. I try to make my reading more lively. It took me a longer period of time on getting her interest on reading the Chinese book with me. Same as reading English book, she also started to read aloud those words with me as I read too.  She also make effort to support her understanding when I teach her Chinese Character by making example on the word she has learnt; quoting  an example to me. She also constantly checking with me words she had came across but she has forgotten.

By doing all these, I know she is making effort to learn in her “own world”. She is constantly trying to deepen her understanding. And I love the initiative she is taking.

However, there is still some inconsistency which has explained in 四五快读.


For some words, no matter how many times I have taught her, she just couldn’t remember.

Like English, I never quantify how many Chinese characters Yvette could recognise. I never set a target for her too. But I do take note the progress so that I can move on with much difficult book if I see she has attained certain level, hence here are her progress:-

She could recognise 100% of words in this materials.

05_May 2011 Chinese

90% for these:-



This is the set of card that I keep spending effort but the result is always at 70%. There are some difficult words in this set of card that she just couldn’t remember.


This is the reader book I use now.


I am still working on it and we have gone thru one round of Set 2 of 我会读.


Lastly, I will also give credit to D. He has definitely read as much to Yvette.