Looking Back Week #4 of 2013

Week Recap for 20 – 26th Jan

About Yvette

1. Preschool – Discipline Issue is still not in force in their class. We have gone all the way to Assistant MD with a group of mummies. This is something not in our card. Oh well. I just wish to keep the teachers in their toes.

2. Preschool work – Pineapple tart is something she did in Gourmet Lesson. She doesn’t like pineapple so, she doesn’t like pineapple tart at all. I find this is a good news. One pineapple tart has 200-300 calories for 2 pieces. It is good not to fall in love with it. But on the other hand, she loves Bak Kwa…. Oh that is going to kill her when she is older. (Although we can’t celebrate CNY, we are still buying CNY Goodies.


3. Creative Learning at home – We finally started our lapbook at home. Let us finish the whole topic and I shall find time to blog.


4. Help out at home –Helper didn’t turn up last Sunday as she was sick. I am someone who encourage my child to pack her own stuff and help out in housework. Yvette has already trained to pack her own bag since Nursery 2 and now she could do it all by herself (mostly). She saw us so busy with housework and she volunteered to help. To me, it doesn’t matter how she could complete a task now, it is more of the attitude.


5. NAFA Art – Finally after the 3rd lesson, there is output. I been waiting because in WOW Art, there will be a piece of work to bring home. Here her work in 3rd & 4th lessons.



About the Family & Me

I attended a BBTC (Bethesda Bedok Tampines Church). The bride is my existing colleague. I love the way the Pastor giving the couple a short message about marriage. In fact, I have totally agree with him – Marriage is HEARTwork. A interesting door gift from the couple too.


I (we) tried 3 new eateries this week. All the food I have tried is nice. It is worth visiting YaYoiKen. It is cheap and good. (I notice it is a incomplete picture collage done by me. Too lazy to redo. I shall accept the imperfection.)



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