Looking Back Week #3 of 2013

Week Recap for 13 – 19th Jan

About Yvette

1. Preschool – An upsetting week passed.  IS all the current preschools run on a business and profit-making models? After attending the curriculum talk hosted by the school on Thursday, I feel empty. The feeling of this thought is so strong now. “A good pre-school must have a principle who preaches good moral values not a management that talk to us like a Sales Person!” I know I am not alone.

2. Preschool work – Her cooking; a bus. Nothing much was brought back home this week.


3. Growing spurt – She been requesting food, food and lot of food. She can eat and eat without stopping. At 10 on Wednesday, she still request for food. I gave her a slice of white bread and some water.


4. Lego – Daddy had taught Yvette how to make maze using Lego.


5. Yvette’s Talking. Here the extract of what I have posted on my FB. (I am trying to be at least FB active for this year. So that I can really keep track what has happened in my life.

Yvette's Talking

About The Family & Me

Yes this week is my birthday week. I ate 4 different types of days since Saturday to Tuesday. A BIG thank you to all my friends and family members who celebrated my birthday with me


I had my morning with two mummies from my dd’s preschool. We yak about life and as well as school. Hubby was nice. He took half day leave to accompany me. Brought me lunch at YingTai Palace where nice Thai food was served. Brought a pretty dress for me as birthday present. However, the whole celebration didn’t turn out “as fine” as I expected. Oh well… but I have another piece of good news which I can’t reveal now.


This is a lazy week. I don’t feel like working at all. And lastly I am so crazy over the Candy Crush Saga. My whole family is playing this game now!



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