Looking Back Week #2 of 2013

Week Recap for 6th – 12th Jan

About Yvette

1. Preschool – The “real” first week has ended. The class size is something we don’t like but we have no choice and have to “close” one eye. Things happened which I find not acceptable.

a. They asked us to reduce the bedding set citing space constraint in school. The main teacher informed the hubby that the aircon temperature has adjusted up so that the kid won’t feel cold. As far as I know, it is a central aircon in the building and there is no way to adjust it. And moreover we have been in this school for two years; I know how the situations like.

b. The teacher has called Crystal’ mummy to obtain her permission not to bath C. Giving all sort of reasons, then in the end, the truth is, they are short handed. Well, I didn’t get the call and I doubt I will agree.

c. I think Yvette is in growing spurt. Mashed potato was given during one of their lunch time as staple food and she ended up not eating much. So that end of the day, she could finish half a packet of $3 fried rice and two slices of white bread during dinner. Aww… my poor baby.

2. Preschool work – Well I am not going to update everything she learnt during the week. It will be piece meal here and there.

They have Gourmet Lesson every Friday. This is something Yvette really like. I missed updating the cookies she made on Week 1. Here the cookies of her face in the top left had corner and the racing car for Week 2.


She drew a few pieces of art. I like these two pictures the best. (By the way, Yvette is someone that doesn’t like to go into detail when come to drawing.)

3. Yvette’s Talking – Yvette speaks the darn things…. Two incidents of of her talking still very fresh in my mind.

Raining Cats & Dogs. The first time she heard this idiom was we were on the bus on our way home. It was raining heavily. Papa passed a remark – Yvette, see it was Raining Cats & Dogs now. And Yvette replied, “Where is the Cats & Dogs?”

One to two weeks ago, it was still raining heavily. (arrr… yesterday… the rain is also very heavy I got myself half wet.) While bathing her, I asked her (it was raining heavily outside), “Do you know the meaning of Raining Cats & Dogs?” Yvette replied, “Got cats & dogs outside or not!”

4. Creative Learning at home – Here the papa had taught her about Lego. The first picture is about Maths. He taught her to build this, it required the following equation – 4×4, 3×3, 2×2, 1×1. The second picture is for imagination. Hubby is good. He is a quite creative person. He build this without any help from picture. And he is cultivating Yvette to build on things that require a brain juices. I hope Yvette is able to learn new perspective – thinking out of box from building Lego. We have two boxes of Lego and she love playing with them. It is really a very good toy that can keep her occupied for 3-4 hours.



About the Family & Me

It is a busy week for me this week. In fact, for the next three months, I will be very busy. I take care of 4 (entities) accounts and we are in the phase of changing into a new accounting system. 4 entities, 3 months of parallel run and training a new Accountant in Indonesia. Woo… I can see a hill in front of me.

Next, I am trying to book a holiday to get away during CNY. However I face a lot of choice vs against cost. In the end, most likely we will be staying back in Singapore. However, I think I will bring Yvette to ArtScience Museum during the holiday. I bet she will love the The Art of the Brick.

I found this vegetable in the Market. Anyone eat this before? I found out we will see this during CNY only.


Finally the highlight of my week is, I watched Rainie Yang Concert with my colleague. (A treat for myself for 35th Birthday.) She is a really hardworking artist.  And I do enjoy feel young again.




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