Looking Back Week #1 of 2013

I plan to do a summary of 2012 in photo. I need to recap what had happened and it is still in photos collecting mode. Looking back the photos taken in 2012 indeed did bring back a lot of memories that are not capture here. So for this year, I want to do a weekly recap. By doing this, it will definitely make my blogging much easier and most of all, when I look back into 2013 I could have a better picture of my life not in general but in more details. (Trust me, such post can be boring…)

Week Recap for 1st – 5th Jan

About Yvette

1. PreSchool. – Yvette is promoted to K1 in her existing preschool. We have been in this school since PG (Playgroup). This school is giving me more headache than before. Sometimes I do think it is time for change but she is already so comfortable there. Sigh… in my heart I do wonder why I pay so much yet getting this kind of service. (Just ranking.)

2. Enrichment. – I remove the Chinese Curriculum as requested by Yvette. Their lesson and teachers are both good and I have no idea why Yvette dislike going. She is still attending her piano lesson but no longer in Mac Music School. She had completed the beginner lesson and now moving on with a private tutor. I still think I should continue letting her to learn piano despite her interest is not going strong.

CMA is the newly added enrichment class in 2012. She has been there for 2 terms and this year will be her third term. Other than doing homeworking using abacus, she loves going to this class. In fact the teachers have been telling me she is a bright student and doesn’t require much effort to teach her. She used 2 terms to learn all the formulas for foundation and she will be moving up to Grade 13 this year.

For Art, we switch Yvette from Wow Art to Nafa Art. Ops I have blog nothing about Wow Art at all! Anyway, it is a long way to get into Nafa Art. I will blog about it one day.

3. Home Learning. – We are not doing a lot for the past one year. Half of year in 2012, we were coping with my FIL illness and death. From the day we all knew about his cancer and to his funeral. (We had 1/7 –7/7 praying and as well as 100 days in the temple.) All these took up a lot of our energy and time and left no time for Yvette. So I am really glad Yvette is a fast learner and she loves to learn.  And it is not difficult to just read and talk fact to her. She can comprehend. The school does do a good job. Last year we had one of the best teachers.

Anyway I really hope to do more with her this year. We manage to do some Thematic Learning about Human body this week. I plan to do up to 4-6 topics this year.  (Will try to blog…)

With that, she had some mini achievement this week too. She fixed up 28 pieces of puzzle all by herself and then follow on with 60 pieces of puzzle with 30% of my help.


4. Found new Love – She been watching Peppa Pig and occasionally she will watch Maisy series on Youtube. On 4th Jan, she found Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom & Horrid Henry. (I don’t really like Horrid Henry but sometimes I think I should let her learn “some naughty tricks”.)

About the Family & Me

1. We counted down into the year 2013 together with my SIL family at home

2. We hiked on day one of 2013. The family with my SIL family, walked from Hort Park to Vivo City. I am surprise Yvette walked with us too. (She was sleeping when we reached Hort Park. But she walked for about 2km of the road which I find it is really a achievement for her.)


3. Bugis+, pronounced as Bugis Plus, formerly Iluma is a 10 storey shopping mall which is 5 minutes walk from Bugis is located within the Bugis district of Singapore and opened its doors on March 28, 2009.  We visited this mall for the first time.


4. We tried 3 new eateries in the first week of Jan. The King Louis, Uma Uma and Kungfu Paradise.



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