Happy New Year & 2013 Resolution

Hello everyone, as usual.. I am always late in posting!

Looking back, I do have simple resolution in 2012.

This year, I do have more details one to follow. I have pen them down on my this little notebook I got from opening sales of Uniqlo (a brand I like it so much after my Japan trip) in Plaza Sing.

Literally, I took this picture in a distance so not to expose my messy handwriting that I can type it here. In fact, I have discussed with Yvette when I was penning it down too. I want her to be involved in my plan. However, sadly, she didn’t provide much input!



So my plan goes on….

1. Bring Yvette to see a dentist. (I have been procrastinating to do so… it been more than a year in my mind!!!)

2. Do Staycation again.

3. I want Yvette to do sport. She has chosen gym. I have called up Prime Gymnastics Club. Their wait list is long, about 6-7 children ahead of us. I also enquired Junior Gym at Hwa Chong Institution. I think we might go there to start the ball rolling.

4. More travelling! We have grounded due to our FIL. He passed on last year and I guess now we have more freedom to do so. Thinking of doing 1 trip every 3-4 months.

5. Keep fit and losing weight! I lost weight. I lost inches around my waistline. I wish I could lose more. I think I found a timeslot that I could go gym. I will try. And I want to thank Felicia gotten my a Squeem. I been wearing it. I want to invest more if it works!

Again… 5 is a lot for me to achieve! I shall end my post here.


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