One Final Post Before…..

I thank readers writing to me tell me how much they have missed my blog. I thank readers making effort on checking the hibernating site. It is like a dead volcano now! However I am sorry to inform everyone that a decision has made and this is not going to be an easy one.

Yes.. I have decided not to write for the time being. Not sure when I am coming back but definitely not in the next 3-6 months. However, I am not closing down because base on the stats I have gathered from wordpress, I still have readers reading them. 😀

Initially it was hard! My heart keeps thinking of my blog however due to holding a full time job (no contract anymore), I have really go no time to go on. So many things need to updated, some little time is left for myself.  The worst of all, the computer is down… no time to get a new one too.

So what’s happening in our life?

Yvette is a good girl as a whole. We celebrated her birthday in school and a mini celebration at home with the family. It was coincided with Mother’s day this year which marked this birthday more meaningful to celebrate. Despite having little time with her, she excels in whatever she is doing. (Definitely a blessing!) Her learning interest is wide-ranging and she takes every new challenge very well!

Hubby is as busy as usual. Good news is he had cleared the first paper of his MBA and now waiting for result for another 2 subjects. Time is running out for him and I am really proud of his achievement. He undoubtedly is putting in his best effort as a worker, a husband and a father! Yvette loves him to the max and often chooses over him than me!

So what’s really happening?

A person came into our life.

Not another child… but a helper.

I bet you will be falling off the chair when reading this piece of news. Hiring a maid is the last straw. The main job scope of our maid is not about taking care of Yvette, is not about cleaning the house. It is all about my Father- in-law (FIL). She needs to be with my FIL 24 hours, day in day out, while his children are working. (BTW, I am lucky. My helper is indeed a good one…. so far.)

After CNY, we’ve been in and out hospital. 3 long period of stay in the hospital till now he is in hospice. And SO, in short, his days are numbered. He is diagnosed with lung cancer and it is in the final stage now. Nothing can be done medically to his illness due to old age. Not a single session of chemotherapy. His life depends on morphine solely. He is so weak that he can’t even eat. He has not been eating for weeks and drinking a cup of water per day. The families visit him daily in the hospice and that including Yvette.

Life is getting more and more difficult as we know the day we have to grief over the lost will eventually come! The Hubby particularly is getting the worst hit. Being the child that stays with FIL since he was a baby, the 40 over years of kinship is really hard to break!

And lastly, I hope the god (who I believe is everywhere) although I am free thinker will take away all the pain from my FIL and let him rest in peace!