Is kidnapping really on the rise?

Since the news about the AMK hub broke out a one or two weeks ago, my FB flash up with more news about kidnapping on the rise or missing child. From AMK, Bt. Panjang and now Tampines? I am very very concern.

Being a mother of one, Yvette is my only child, I can’t imagine she disappear from my world suddenly. I know I have to be vigilant, and yet I do hope public and as well as the law enforcer, especially the policeman to be alert too.

And what I encounter today, really make me losing faith.

(Please, by all mean, you can say I make up this and not believing this is the truth. This happened in this evening from 6.15-6.50 outside Lor 4 MacDonald opposite the Church. I have never took down the little boy name, the teacher name (from TPY little School House at Blk 192) and the uncle who helped to inform the police while I have stand there to wait for the police to come for more than half an hour. (The uncle was really kind enough to paddle his bike to the neighborhood police station located in the Toa Payoh CC just opposite the MacDonald twice.) Luckily Yvette was in good mood and sitting in the stroller if not, I think I have no choice but to walk away?)

I fetched Yvette from CC and making our way back home. Surprisingly, an uncle was trying to signal out to public that a little boy had stand there for long eg. More than 15 mins. Without hesitation, I walked up to help (I think I am very KPO.).

It didn’t take very long for me to understand what the uncle trying to convey. This boy indeed had lost his mother on their way home and standing at the traffic light. We tried very hard to get him to talk but no matter how we coaxed him, he simply kept his mouth shut! HE JUST REFUSED TO COMMUNICATE!!!

This was not the most shocking part.

The most shocking part was; the policemen told the uncle they are not able to leave the station (got 3 policemen around) because they need to be in station. In short, they are not coming to help us (the public) and as well as they boy. The Policemen had ignore our plead and made 2 toddlers, one aunt and one uncle stand there for 30-45 mins who made two trips to the station asking the policemen for help. (The boy didn’t want to follow us to the station which is located just a stone away.) The policemen told the uncle they will call the patrol police to come and help us.


Please shed me some light!!!!


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