Yvette is down with HFMD

Unfortunately yes, HFMD finally strike!

Yvette had fever in the middle of the night yesterday and was constantly fussed over it. Rarely, she will fuss and complain when she was sick but this round was totally different.

We also never thought it will be HFMD when I finally brought her to see doc this morning.

She didn’t have rashes and even ulcers. Only red spots at the throat causing discomfort. (I wanted to find a picture on the net but alas I didn’t manage to find one the closest match.) I have no idea how and where she got it becuase the time between infection and the development of symptoms is about 3 – 7 days.

Doc said she might recovers faster than norm, but she was given 7 Days MC. She will going to miss her Art class (I have yet shared anything here about her art class), Chinese class and her normal school.

Lastly, I am grateful that I have such a brave child who never complains and fuss much over her conditions. She is sleeping soundly now.



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