Happy 34

I am thankful that I am still breathing in this world!!!

We waited for D to come back from class and it was really late at night. Finally I get to blow off my cake at 11 pm. An hour before 12 midnight.


The year 33 was really uneventful. Nothing was fantastic. My Molar Pregnancy almost killed me. I am living in fear for months and then my cough.

I did CT Scan twice in this year and today was the second scan. (I think I must be out of my mind that I arranged for another scan today.) I went to see a respiratory specialist last week; she wanted me to do a scan to ensure my lung isn’t contaminated by Methotrexate . The scan was done in the morning and review was in the afternoon.


Due to work and as well as his lesson kicked off this week; D didn’t take leave to accompany me. However we managed to meet up for lunch. I tried something new.


After our lunch, I continue my shopping. I was hunting shoes for Yvette since last Saturday and sadly I really couldn’t get any. Anyway, the clinic called and checked with me whether have I collected the report and reminded me I have an appointment with DR Lo in the afternoon.

Headed back to hospital to collect my report and the first thing I looked out was the report diagnosis. I am glad that nothing was found and my lung is absolutely fine. However, the doctor didn’t provide much reasons that why my cough took so long to recover and to the extend affecting my sleep. I need to be on medication till I get to see her again in Feb.


Hubby got me a HappyCall Pan and I received on Thursday. This is really overdue post and I am going to back date to 16 Jan.


I wish my health could be better and I can wish myself a Happy 35 next year! And also Happy Birthday to this blog. It has turned 4!


4 thoughts on “Happy 34

  1. Hi, I have been following your blog for quite a while. It has been a source of inspiration for me to engage in home learning activities with my boys. Happy 34th! May all good things come your way!

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