Yvette: 3 yrs. 8 Mths (44 Mths)

44 mths IMG_0188

*picture taken on 30/12/2011.

Instead of just learning the solar systems, Yvette could remember the sequence up to VY Canis Majoris. I have so much to share on this learning journey but I still can’t find time.

Instead doing story telling, she could remember scrip. Yes she loves to watch peppa pig and we do allow her to watch up to an hour daily (of course she doesn’t watch them every day.) The number of scrip she could recite is horribly unbelievable.

She loves to compose song and even her own story. Most don’s make sense but her effort is there. I hope she continue to imagine and finally one day she will love to pen down herself.

Instead of just being able to do P1 Maths, she could further explain the fundamental concept to us in her own view.

Instead of just reading, she often thinks out of the box. This is a good example.

Often we thought she can’t do it or she will not able to understand she could. As Of now, she has never fail to surprise us and exceed our expectation.

She could read time but limit to the digital clock. She is able to tell me mins and hours before and after. But I am still working with her on the hour and min hands clock.

She is able to follow routine that we set for her daily. (Sadly but still not the sleeping routine. Still we start to see some light after we really kicked start on the discipline method shared by my colleague.)

She has good penmanship for a 3 yo but she is still lazy to practice her handwriting at home.

She is able to remove dirty laundry from her school bag and throw them into the washing machine. She is able to pack her bag now too. However I am still encouraging her to put the stuffs in the bag. Still a little more effort is required.

Once she accepts the reason for change; she is able to adapt to it. She has no longer telling me “I want poo poo” and “I want wee wee” when she needs to answer her nature call. Instead she uses “I want pass urine” and “I want pass motion”. Her N2 teacher told her the before are meant for PG.

She certainly has learnt how to relate. It’s about the Peppa Pig again. We were in the topic of the States of USA and I told her D loves to see The Grand Canyon. However we need to drive there but both of us can’t drive. She pause and thinks and reply: “Mummy, Peppa Pig doesn’t drive!”

That’s her developments I could remember. She is 4 months shy to 4 yo. She is waiting for that day to come as she had already attended 2 birthday celebrations in class.


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