New Routine For 2012

I am still not going to cook on Friday.We will continue to eat out on Friday but we will be doing our grocery shopping on Friday instead of Sat or Sun. One reason is Hubby has started his MBA programme and he will be extremely busy for these two years. I will also incorporate library time for Yvette on Friday before we head to the supermarket too.

New routine_P1020396

Hubby doing his revision while Yvette is playing with her toys

Market trip will be the same on Saturday and I am very happy I have moved Yvette’s Chinese Class from Sunday to Saturday. But we will have to keep some time check on Saturday morning so that Yvette will have sufficient time to eat and some playground fun before she goes to class.

Music Class will be on Saturday afternoon. So after the Chinese class in the morning, she will have lunch and then I have to force her to nap. One week went by and I manage to keep this routine fit.

We went to library on last Friday and Yvette was really thrilled. Library is usually quiet on weekday and Yvette could roam around freely. Other than making library her “home”, we love to see her picking up to read by herself in the library.

New routine_IMG_0208

Yvette will have two classes on Saturday and our Sunday is free. We could sleep up to 10 plus in the morning and then decide what to do next. My temp help will come every week instead of twice a week now. That will free up more time for us especially the hubby. We will still head mum’s place for dinner to kick start the new week!


5 thoughts on “New Routine For 2012

    • Elaine, Yvette will have (power) nap in the afternoon before the Music Class (usually have to force her to cos she skips nap on Sunday.)

      So far I don’t find any tiredness on her face when comes to attending these two classes.

  1. hi, love your blog and thanks for so much sharing.. i’m thinking of enrolling my 2 years+ boy for chinese enrichment. could you share with me what are the places to consider? thanks!

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