Young Beginner’s Course Term 3 – Lesson 1

This lesson was attended on Sat but I have decided to publish on Sun.

Too bad, she wasn’t very attentive or I would say she was really restless when it was time for keyboard time. She got scolding from me and she cried so loudly in class. I am glad we were in the class where we know each other well and I don’t feel so bad when Yvette was throw tanturm.

Other than this “mishap” she enjoys the lesson very much.


The art work for minin. She learnt dotted minim – a new note.


She started to learn small box.


Here’s the theory in the sticker book she loves.


Finally the piece she refuse to play in class. (I really don’t have much problem to get her practice all these songs she learnt in school at home. She simply just don’t like to play on the keyboard in school. SIGH!!)



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