Promoted to N2

Yes, it is another new school year. Nothing has changed for Yvette other than she was been promoted to N2.

We are still in the same CC. The Chinese Teacher teaching them since N1, followed the class up. The school, this round, I feel they have given Yvette a better English Teacher. I hope she could stay throughout the year with them. (Last year, Yvette’s English Teacher fell very sick. She was constantly on medical leave and the school didn’t make a good plan for the missing gap.)

Well, it is not exactly with no change. The school will start teaching them to brush teeth after the lunch and will stop washing hair for the children or even bathing them. Reason of not bathing them because the school is fully aircon and they hardly sweat. And eventually cutting off this process will translate to more quality time for learning.

It is hard not to disagree but I can’t agree not to bath Yvette totally due to her skin problem. I only agree they can stop washing her hair.

The first week of school has ended today and I am glad she is coping well and she is happy with the change.


The cup and the toothbrush - From Kiddy Palace.


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