Some Tested and Untested Solutions For Discipline

Teaching her to treasure

I “threw” away Yvette’s board games yesterday in front of her. Instantly, she broken down and was crying really like a heart-broken little girl. I believe I have managed to teach her a “lesson” and hope she will remember and love her toys even more after this.

What had made me act in such manner? She had used her leg to step on the board games. Despite us giving her stern warning, she continued to test our patience. As such, I decided to give her a harsh punishment.

(I didn’t throw it away. Yes. I put them into a plastic bag with a bag of rubbish but then the rubbish chute was behind the wall. She didn’t see me pick up the board games from the rubbish and hide under my clothes when I walked into the house. However, I have no plan to give her back the games soon. Must wait for a few more months then I will find a reason to return her.)

A solution for her sleeping problem.

I shared my woe with my colleague and she shared with me what should I react when Yvette refuse to sleep at night. (In fact, for the past 3 nights, Yvette had been sleeping well. At least not later than 11.)

The solution is: – Don’t beat her. Don’t scold her. Don’t force her to sleep too. Ask her not to sleep. Let her stay up to 2-3 am in the morning and wakes her up at 7-8 am in the morning. Force her to school.

I think I will try that.

I think this method is exactly like starving the kid for a few days and make them love food.

Actually I shared this with a teacher today and she told me many parents are finding solutions to deal with kids that don’t sleep timely. Oh well, it is good to know I am not alone. Still I hope I can get this sleeping problem solve this year. I am really worried that she can’t wake up in the morning for BIG school.


One thought on “Some Tested and Untested Solutions For Discipline

  1. Actually Yvette been sleeping around 10 plus since 1st Jan except for Sat when she will sleep slightly later.

    However, such good behaviour doesn’t last long.

    Yesterday, she broke the rule and I decided to implement the “not allowing her to sleep” method. She finally dozed off at 2.20am in the morning and I woke her up this morning at 8. She was feeling unexceptionally tired. I managed to tell her if she doesn’t sleep tognight, we will do the same exercise again.

    Hopefully she has learnt the lesson and will know she should sleep at the decided timing. (My colleage taught me this method and she did it with her girl. Her girl did learn the lesson and have been sleeping on time for years. I hope it will going to work on Yvette.)

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