Some Kite Fun @ West Coast Park

On the 1st Jan, I dated my sister and my BIL for some kite fun @ West Coast Park. Mr Sun wasn’t very helpful on that day. It did rain a little but it was really “sunshine” after the rain!


Yvette was really daring when come to facing the obstacle during the playground play but soon her gut used up and she didn’t want to play with it anymore. Not long, she started to show me “Ma, I am bored face”.


D was trying his best to put up the kite but due to lack of wind, his effort was put off.


Luckily we brought a ball along and Yvette was having so much fun with the ball. As for me, I enjoy the shade under the tree and watching them play under the hot sun!



One thought on “Some Kite Fun @ West Coast Park

  1. Blog hopping and found yours. 🙂

    The weather has been quite terrible recently, hasn’t it. Next time you can try Marina Barrage. The wind there has never disappointed us so far. 🙂

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