Fitting Room

Does your child likes to play with fitting room?

Fitting Room_IMG_0199

Yvette loves messing with fitting room. As such, I rarely shop with her. I don’t like the idea she pushes me out of the fitting room and stay in the room playing with my shoes and the clothing I am going to try. (I usually remove my shoes when I try on new clothing. Habit.)

Anyway, today we went out to Taka to shop and she pushed me out of the fitting room. After “screaming” at her a few time she finally unlocked the door. I was really worried that she would lock herself in. To counter this, I usually do let her open the door herself when we go toilet together. I also always teach her how to unlatch the door when both of us in the fitting room.

Still the idea of allowing her to play with the fitting room is not right. And thankfully we could show her an example today.

There was a little boy that locked himself in the fitting room and couldn’t open the door himself. He was crying really loudly. The security guard came to his rescue. Eventually it was the father who managed to pass the right instruction to the boy to unlatch the door. (The father climbed up the ladder that the security guard placed there.)

I brought Yvette there and it seemed she could understand the danger of having to stay in the fitting room herself. I hope she would remember and never mess with the fitting room anymore. (Yvette has not reached the stage of playing with the fitting room without me around.)


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