Sum up 2011


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Finally again, the last day of the year.

Looking back the resolutions that I have set last year, I feel I could have done more with better health.

3 Resolutions for me and Yvette and 3 for myself. I didn’t fulfill much actually.

  1. I didn’t manage to give Yvette a brother or a sister. The worst, I ended up with molar pregnancy. As such due to poor health, the possibility of just having one child getting more and more strong. My health status didn’t improve and somehow the cough is not under control too. I have called up my oncologist to refer me to see Lung doctor next year and hopefully I get my lung clear from infection. The latest blood test for my lung is still not good.)
  2. Yes, I am able to get Yvette to learn without pressure. In our report book, I will grade her a A-. In term of learning, she has done well. But her learning attitude, that need fine tuning. She has shorter attention span as compare to her classmate. (Feed back from her new teacher. Probably because she already knows the stuff as such, she is not showing much interest. To me, whether she knows or not, she need to have good learning attitude, such as paying attention in class.  That I got to work harder with her teacher.)
  3. Work life balance. I have done well. Not choosing a permanent job, indeed has given me more time for the family. However, sometimes due to aspiration and work satisfaction, getting a permanent role is inevitable. Well, for this, I will usually work on project/job that comes along. I wish I could find a company who really values work life balance. If not, I guess, I will have to take up contract job when my current contract ends in mid Feb.

As for myself, I manage to drink more water. I manage to lose weight. 4 kg down from my current weight. However, that not due to exercising. It is due to period when my hubby was out of town and by eating more healthy. (Been eating oat for breakfast for 1.5 months.)


I did brought a new camera and Photoshop CS5 to try to improve my picture taking skill. I believe with more effort I am going to put in, I will eventually be better. No time for course, perhaps I should read more magazine and books about photography.

2011 is not a good year for me. We didn’t make any trip out of Singapore. No one could help me to take care of my FIL. And I couldn’t find any solution too. I feel bad that I couldn’t bring Yvette out but I hope as Yvette grows older, she could understand. Although she never complain now, I do hope to find a solution next year.

In another few hours, 2011 will be over. A Happy New Year to all of you and a fruitful 2012!!!

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