Yvette Preschool HFMD Alert

Probably HFMD is very active throughout the year but it is really rare in my dd’s CC. The CC caught two kids were down with HFMD and was sent back home on that day. Being a parent myself, I am lucky that I have not encountered this before and I wish this will NEVER happen on Yvette.

The school really takes very strict precautionary measures to sanitize the furniture and toys in the classrooms. (Hubby saw them sun the toys under the sun. He went there to fetch Yvette early today.) They are doing additional stringent maintenance of checking and cleanliness in the centre by:-

  1. Continue to monitor the situation and arrange for another fumigation of the entire premises.
  2. Besides normal health screening every morning, all children will be screened (hand, foot and mouth) and temperature measured before lunchtime and after nap.
  3. All communal activities in the centre will be ceased temporarily until further notice. This includes the gym and common play area.
  4. All toys and equipment to be cleaned between classes and after each class every day.
  5. Mats/Carpets will be rolled up in all classes.
  6. Parents/caregivers are to remain outside of the school premises during drop-off or pick-up.
  7. The centre will be closed to outside visitors for the time being until further notice. They have to post phone the Parent Teacher Conference (PTC), orientations and all other matters on hold for the next 2 weeks.

The school actually did advice us to keep our child at home even they are not sick at all. That was because the parents of the two kids told the school this strain of HFMD is very strong. But unfortunately, during Year end I have to be around even though I am only a temp here. As such, I am not sure are we taking risk to send Yvette to school now.

Hubby will be on leave on and off in Dec and I have asked my sister to take leave too. I have taken two days leave as well. We can’t keep Yvette totally away from school and I hope with such stringent control and as well as Yvette’s immunity system, we could brave this storm.

P/S: We are monitoring Yvette closely at home too. Tomorrow will be the third day which will be the day symptoms appear if Yvette is infected. (I read and understand from colleague the Incubation period is first 3-7 days. So I pray hard now!)


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