Looking For A Sleeping Solution

I am so surprise that my last post over finding a sleeping solution for Yvette was so long ago. This doesn’t mean I have already found a solution over this problem. In fact, this problem doesn’t really get so serious that triggers me to pen down a post. (I am going to register this in her 42 months development.)

I definitely can’t deny I am a failure for this department.

For the past few days, this problem blows up. She couldn’t sleep despite resting on the bed. And again, she never fails to create records. From time to time she tends to stretch her sleeping hours not by sleeping long but by sleeping later.

Yesterday, she was awake much later because the Chinese Class is over and I feel I could let her sleep longer. So she was up around 10 plus in the morning and didn’t take her usual nap. Usually if she didn’t sleep, she will doze off around 8 plus. Unfortunately it won’t last long, at 9 plus she will be up. (This situation happened twice already.) As such, after taking power nap, it did actually give her more energy. Adding on to predicament, a tantrum was set off on our way home and she cried for more than half an hour.

I don’t know how many of you will agree. I feel crying takes up a lot of energy from us and usually we will be tired after crying for a period of time. Sadly, this didn’t happen. It has stimulated Yvette’s active cell and she couldn’t sleep despite was on the bed since 10 plus at night and then at 11 plus she was still full of zip.

I got work up! I scolded her. Whacked her backside and punished her – standing at the naughty comer. The ordeal lasted till 12.30 midnight and I know she finally dozed off at close to 1 pm. (A second night over the past 3 days sleeping at 1 am.)

 Seriously I really don’t the reason on why she is not sleeping or she will take longer time to fall asleep compare to her friends in school. According to her teachers, nap time will start around 12 plus and Yvette will be the last child to nap. She will toss and turn for about an hour till her energy cell dies off. (That could last till an hour or more and Yvette will then nap around 1.45 to 2 pm. They will be up around 3.15 pm.)

Looking for a sleeping solution for Yvette has now again becomes the top of my list and I am going to do the following:

  1. Stop all the sweets and chocolate. Limit to 1 or 2 per 2-3 days. Sugar activates the hyperactive cell in toddler.
  2. Cut down milo or just give her milo without sugar.
  3. I have never given her Mango and Durian and no intention to give Banana and raisin in the evening.
  4. This is hard but will get hubby to try. It is hard to stop Yvette getting too excited over playing with us after dinner. I think we have to control her “happiness”.

If the above don’t work, perhaps we have to send her to sleep therapy.


6 thoughts on “Looking For A Sleeping Solution

  1. gal !!!

    cc teachers hve been complaining to me abt bb nt taking his nap !! is it in them ??

  2. Oh, my … that bad?

    Mine without napping in the afternoon, can still go on and on and on until 10pm or 11pm at night if I let him. But I do try to put him to bed before 10pm and he’d sleep through the night. *whew*. The daytime is quite tiring though.

  3. being hyperstimulated near bedtime makes it very difficult for young kids esp to fall asleep, so it’s a good idea to do “quiet ” activities instead of things that get them hyped up, and not eating foods with high glycaemic index/sugar late in the day.

    understand how frustrating it is for u as u need to rest, but scolding n whacking her at night will hype her up even more!
    I had the same prob with a very active toddler who fights sleep strongly, not matter how tired out she is, so I gave her her incentive to lie still in bed with me, depends on your kid, now after she lies down with me for 10 min – 30 min, she will fall asleep….

    see if works for u?

    • Hey jnj, I noticed too. Whenever I raised my voice, she got more “hyper”! She even jumped up and down when she cried and expressed her “anger”.

      Hmm offering her lying down with me not a solution because she is still co-sleeping with us.

      Anymore suggestion?

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