3rd Round Of Fever Attack Within 2 Months

With iPhone, it has made human connection faster. This morning, Stella highlighted to me everyone is falling sick when we were checking on each other over our health status.

Besides me, Yvette is another victim. She was down with fever again. The temperature was 39.1 in the early morning 5 am but it dropped to 36.5 before I left home this morning. (I have given her a dose of bufen.) This is the third round of fever attack within two months and that make me worry. She is not someone that has weak health. We have ensure she has balance diet and moreover she is a vegetable and fruit lover. With supplement and TMC in place,

I don’t quite understand how come the fever attack her again and again. The weather is so erratic and the virus everywhere. Well, I know I have been that sick and for this round, I believe I could be the culprit who passed the virus to her.


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