S$350 Lesson

My iPhone was dropped into the toilet bowl by Yvette on Monday evening. (Let me not go into the detail on how this accident happened because that’s not the purpose of this post.)

Hubby brought this phone down to Com Centre @ Somerset without furnishing much information on how this phone became faulty. Anyway Smart phone are smart. They have the water detection indicator that able to detect whether the phone is damaged by the liquid. So the warranty will be automatically voided.

There is no way this phone can be repaired because Apple doesn’t provide such service due to this reason and the damage of replacing the new phone is S$350. We can’t recontract because we got this phone during last Christmas. As such, there are no other choice, unless I don’t want to carry iPhone anymore.

And so Hubby paid S$350 for this new phone with only one month warranty period

The best part is not only how expensive the phone is. The replacement phone is still iPhone 4 and SingTel did not hand over the charger and the ear piece to my hubby telling him the cost is solely for the phone!

 Oh SingTel!

P/S: No wonder some people still refuse to change to Smart Phone.

P.P/S: Read this news about iPhone 4

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