Spring Cleaning Before Christmas

Remember there is a green colour round table  in our living hall. I have removed this table and asked hubby to buy us new shelving unit to keep the toys and books. As I been stressing how important the living environment for a child to nurture habits and reading, I have certainly spent lots of time revamping the house again.

I started to pack Yvette’s toys and books on last Saturday. I took two days to finish all the packing and here are the result which I love it so much as of now.

Room Set up_P1010923

I swapped the little table from the diagonal corner to this corner with her little piano. We brought two magenta shelves (colour chosen by Yvette) from the furniture near our house. Initially we plan to get it from Ikea. But after considering the cost and time involve, we abolished the decision. I love our new shelves. Instead of placing them in standing position, I choose to lay them flat on the ground so that I can slack them up. I plan to buy another one to maximize the storage space.

Room Set up_P1010931

Here the close up of the shelves. Going forward, instead of leaving Yvette’s bag on the floor, now she has to place her bag onto the shelves like what is practiced in school. Books are consolidated here too instead of placing them all over the living room now. (Removed the learning material from the TV console too.)

Room Set up_P1010926

Now the shelving units that near the door will only pack with toys. (Above picture. Below picture is the overall feel of the hall now.)

Room Set up_P1010929

Since we have made several trips to Ikea before we finalized this decision. We found this very useful. Again this to culture good habit and easy assess of material.

Room Set up_P1010491

As I mentioned I have consolidated most all the books and packed them neatly again. I have removed those materials I used to teach Yvette to another room and moved down most books. Yvette had grown taller and now she is able to reach out book in the first level. (This is the book shelves storage unit in her room.)

Room Set up_P1010911

Lastly this is the setup of our cozy room now.

Room Set up__1010964

Wow, while updating the post, I read back my archive and noted that this was the sixth time I repack our living hall. (Read the history here.)


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