N2 Curriculum Talk

Despite Yvette’s CC has given us some problems and I do, not happy with some of the issues happened throughout her stay there, I still don’t have any intention to change CC for her. One good reason after considering again and again of not removing her from this CC is it is so near our home. It make no sense to change as long as it doesn’t create any damage to Yvette’s physically or emotionally.

Well, the year has finally coming to an end and we attended the talk for her promotion to N2 next year. The curriculum which this school can offer often could excited me here and there.

I am not that excited over the English Curriculum and the Numeracy  – properly she been doing well in these two subjects. I am particularly keen over the Chinese Curriculum. And after listen to the talk and knowing what to expect, I am excited.

The school commits to teach the 19 strokes and going to teach 42 words next year. There  you see, Yvette could recognize Chinese Character and could read Chinese Reader book but then there are areas that to re-emphases. So with this commitment from school, it will help.

Yvette’s current year Chinese Teacher will move up with this class and I hope Yvette will benefit from her teaching in N2. In fact, Yvette did show huge improvement on her Chinese especially for the conversation part.

I am impress.

P/S: Please don’t ask me which CC I send Yvette to. Thanks


3 thoughts on “N2 Curriculum Talk

  1. Hello, a silent reader since a yr.

    Just wanna seek your opinion, i just sent my son to a cc and within a month, he’s down with hfmd, and not adding in e weekly visit to e doc due to his cough and running nose. Will you still give e centre a ‘chance’? Before hfmd, the cc had a round of chicken pox outbreak. I am not sure if this is common for a cc or I’m just too particular.

    • My friend sent her DD to the NTUC cc at AMK hub. She was down with HFMD after a week there. She didn’t give the CC a chance.

      To me, sometimes this is something we cannot avoid but then if you have other choice then change CC. I don’t deny my dd’s CC has very good control over such illness.

      Thanks for reading my site.

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