I Am That Sick

It was supposed to be a normal routine checkup at Dr Karmen Wong’s Clinic but in the end I have to take another blood test in the hospital to check for Mycoplasma AntiBody.

My cough and running nose was really bad in the morning and the clinic nurse suggested I asked Dr Wong for some medication.

While doing the examination on my body, she paid specially attention to my lung and told me I am whizzing. I was asked to do a breath test. After 3 blows, I couldn’t meet the minimum requirement that is to obtain 500. She diagnosed I could be suffering from Asthmatic Bronchitis. It could be due to the infection I got it in March which were not cured properly.

Yes my cough came and gone and it happens very often. I thought it is just a normal cough and I didn’t expect to be that serious. The blood test was bad too. It was because the time is running out. I was a little panicky when the first needle went in and the blood couldn’t be drawn by the syringe. The nurse tried to detect the blood vein using the needle. It was so painful. This had double up my fear especially when the second needle went in. Again it couldn’t find the blood vein too. I was trembling and I was almost fainted instantly too.

The nurses had me lied down to recover my conscious and finally drawn by blood on my left arm. It’s really a horrible experience. I never have good experience when come to drawing my blood.

I was given all these medication and if I don’t recover by 2 weeks, I might need to see lung doctor to get a strong dose medication.


P/S: The blood test was negative. The lung was not infected and I don’t need antibiotic.

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