Book Spree Anyone?

Working doesn’t stop me from buying books for Yvette. In fact I am buying more now. I have stop writing post relating to books that Yvette read monthly not because she has not been reading. The issue now is she reads too extensively. She reads anything I can find from book store, library or from Forum that interests her.

It has been awhile that we have not brought her to library. (I have brought too much to skip the library trip. But still, I know I never own a library, there are still plenty of good books around.) As such it is still very encouraging for us to go library to pick up books for Yvette. So off we went to the library yesterday to borrow some books for her and she loves it so much. Here are the books we had borrowed.

Book Spree_P1010855

Peppa Pig – Her favourite.

Book Spree_P1010857

Oh No, Ono! makes her laugh a lot. This little piglet is funny!

Book Spree_P1010856

Book Spree_P1010854

Yes she is reading more about fact, science – Encyclopedia.

This morning, while I browsed the forum, I found a collection of book from Julia Donaldson and was selling at a reasonable price. (Of course I did find something cheaper herebut it is out of stock now.)

I don’t buy books from just one store. I prefer to source everywhere. I do like to order from The Book Depositorythat offers worldwide free shipping and usually takes 2-3 weeks to deliver. (I got my books last week. That was my first order from them. Lead time – 2 weeks.)

I feel has lost its competiveness. My friend has been telling book how cheap the book from Barnes & Noble but I have yet ordered any book from this site. I have heard of The Book Peopleand saw many mummies ordered from there in the forum. I have never given this site a consideration till today. And you know after browsing I came out a list of books I plan to buy.

Not a lot, perhaps can wait for spree in forum but does anyone want to join me to share the shipping cost?

2 thoughts on “Book Spree Anyone?

  1. Hi, have been reading your blog from time to time. Yes, am interested in the book spree. How should I go about doing it and sharing the shipping cost?

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