The Root Cause Of The Disturbing Fever

I’m really not in luck. Perhaps there is a little oversight on my end too. I didn’t bring Yvette straight to doctor when she had mild fever on Saturday. I wanted to bring Yvette to see the doctor on Sunday the consultation hours had changed. So I have to wait till Monday then.

The fever came and gone is really disturbing.

I wanted to bring her back to clinic on Tuesday again to follow up. Again, we missed the timing. Finally today my sister came because I can’t be on leave the whole week. She brought Yvette to the clinic and finally found out the root cause. Yvette was suffering from throat infection and was given antibiotics – Klacid Granules.

Looking at the antibiotic, it brings back memory when Yvette needs to take something similar when she was so much younger. The throat infection was eventually leaded to mild Bronchitis and she need to be nebulized. She was hospitalized for 3 days and these were the toughest period I have faced when she was a baby. The good news now was, her lung is not infected and I hope the antibiotic will heal her.

She is still kept at home. Sister came to look after her today and I will send her to SIL’s house tomorrow. Hubby will be flying back a day early and that relieve me to look for another care giver for Yvette. (I was off on Monday & Tuesday.)

Well, I can’t yell for more as I know I am really very blessed.


2 thoughts on “The Root Cause Of The Disturbing Fever

  1. Oh dear. Can understand what u go thru. Glad to see finally e root is out. Hope e medication work well on yvette and hope she recover soon. Take good care. Anyway have ur cough recover? Hugz

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