The Fever Come And Go

Now it is a concern.

Yvette had low grade fever last last Thursday and the fever is coming back to her on Sat. It just come and go. The unusual trend is, instead of the having high temperature in the night, her fever always come in the morning. As early as 6 plus and gone after giving her a dose of medication. She will also pass motion, and have a quick wash over her body. Then the fever disappear and never come back. It never come back to disturb us till the next morning. How strange?! (Anyone has encountered this before?)

I wanted to bring her to the GP yesterday but unfortunately, the timing of consultation hour has changed. So I waited till today then I brought her there.


The above medication are not solely for Yvette. Some are mine. I am having serious body ache and been coughing. In fact, my cough has never go away since March.

We just have a long nap since 1.30pm. I just woke up and Yvette was still sleeping. I got to cook now and wake her up. If not, she will not be able to sleep at night!

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