Beach Fun. ECP. 05/11/2011

We make too many trips there and yet have chance to post them. Instead of writing a long post for such trip, I will keep them sweet and short and mainly pictures to chronicle moment of our beach fun.

We made this trip before D went on for his 2 weeks assignment in Australia. It was fun definitely but something not that pleasurable happened at the end of the day. We went for dinner at the HK restaurant near to MacDonald. I think it is due to lack of service staff, my dinner was not served and they didn’t even feel apologetic for it.

But well, it still ended well with many happy moments being captured.

The sandcastle they built. They always build difference castle when we were there.


Some beautiful pictures of my Yvette.




The sweet moment together!


Usually we will throw in one ride and one special offer at the end of the day. She had candy floss (she couldn’t finish) and a elephant ride.



I didn’t manage to take down a nice picture of Yvette on the ride. It was moving too fast and my camera just couldn’t do a good job. (Blame on the camera… haha.)


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