Yvette’s First Performance Concert 2011

She is not the star but she definitely the star in our heart. While every kid was looking for their parents on the stage, Yvette pointed at us and said: “See my papa mama there!” Hubby was extremely proud & touch after hearing that from Yvette’s mouth! (We were very far away.)

4 kids were chosen to be MC from their class. I was really impressed with their gut. Even they were scared, but they still put up their best. Yvette preformed well too. We were overwhelmed she can remember every single movement and sing together with the song.

We took down photos and video of the performance but the quality of the photos weren’t good. (We were too far away.) But the video was good. I have posted them on my FB and yet have any intention to post it here.

Yvette concert 2011 -

5 performances; two from Yvette’s Class, 1 by N1 A & 1 by N1C, there is one combine effort from both classes. I love all the performances. The kids are really cute and they have shown us their confidence! And after watching the show, I began to agree, no matter how expensive we parents have to pay for our kid’s concert, it is all worth it. (We paid S$45 for the costume and our tickets. S$15 for my sister’s ticket. S$25 for the photo & S$40 for the CD.)

After the concert, the kids were out taking photo. There are the stars for the day. All of them were really in high spirits!

Yvette and her best friend, Crystal. (I thought I am the only couldn’t take a nice picture of them. Even C’s daddy picture was blur. They just couldn’t stand still!)

Yvette concert 2011 - P1010598

Yvette with her Chinese Teacher.

Yvette concert 2011 - P1010588

Yvette with her Ah Yee.

Yvette concert 2011 - P1010586

What about us? I was too fat. I better don’t load our picture here to make me sad. Hahaha!!


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