We Are @ Home Today

Damn! I really got a shock yesterday when I found out Yvette was running a mild fever on our way home. The weather fault?

Yvette looks lethargy and she even skipped her dinner. I quickly gave her a doze of bufen after her bath. At 9 plus suddenly the fever went down to 37 (normal) yesterday and I just brought Yvette to the clinic this morning and found out she was all well.

The doctor examined that her throat and told me it was slight red. She didn’t have anymore fever. Her temperature was really normal  – 36.3 degree. She ate very well for lunch. She is having a nap now after I threatened her not going to bring her to school tomorrow.

Keep her home today was not my usual parenting style.

For normal days, if her fever does went down in the morning before school I will still send her back to school. I believe although the body is slightly weaker but it is a good time to build up some immunity. For today, it will be a risk for me to stomach if I send her back.


I don’t want her to miss her first performance. Something she has worked very hard for. She is looking really forward to it. So do we. The theme of the concert is – We are going to the Zoo. Yvette will be a little monkey tomorrow. Hopefully everything went well tonight and we can send her back to school early in the morning tomorrow.

Will try to load some picture here although the school mentioned no picture taking. (We have also ordered the pictures and DVD from the school for her performance.)

I believe we will be beaming with pride if she does her best tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “We Are @ Home Today

  1. hi,
    just to share my thoughts, no offence…. this is something i happen to feel rather strongly about…

    when my kids fall sick, i keep them at home til they have fully recovered,
    because firstly they need adequate rest to recover, and going out for whatever reason always compromises the quality of rest/nap they get.

    Secondly they can infect others they come in contact with. A fever like this is usually viral, and is infectious until recovery. A fever usually goes up and down, so even if its down to normal before school, it will go up unless the child has recovered.

    My own kids have fallen ill when in nursery with other kids who were brought in despite fever/ unwell, so personally I get rather annoyed at the inconsideration of these parents, though I understand they have no one at home to look after their sick kids when they go to work, but i feel that is no excuse to be inconsiderate.

    No offense to you as i say, just sharing my experience, as each bout of sickness is usually very labour – intensive, one kid will pass to the other, then to me, and it’s double whammy nights up with 2 sick kids, and i’ve had to make special trips to KK a/e twice in the last month when my younger one developed complications from one of these infections.

    On building immunity, the exposure to the illness and subsequent recovery builds immunity. Bringing an already unwell child to school only deprives her of the rest needed to recover, and does not build up immunity.

    Once again, i am sorry if i sound harsh, really do not mean to offend you, just want to share what i understand about these illnesses and the impact when children are taken sick for lack of consideration by others.

    • Haha.. don’t worry you didn’t offend me.

      Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t only calculate the risk Yvette is facing and I will calculate the risk for the kids in school. When I mean by sending her to school when she is sick, I mean she is actually well in my eye. Usually only stay at home mother and parents with help at home can afford having to let the child 100% recover then send back to school. Most working parents can’t afford. And I have never blamed them. Not because I am working now. In fact I can fully understand when I was still stay at home. If there is a lot kids in school fall sick, I will actually pull Yvette out from school if need.

      For this case, Yvette’s fever come and go and really didn’t even have any sign of “sickness” when she was up in the morning. Not all fever is viral. Eg. Teething fever is really safe to bring Baby out. And since I brought Yvette to Yu Ren Sheng, the doctor there told us, sometimes the kid will have fever during their growth – 宝宝成长的发育过程微微发烧. Eg, having fever during their lung, heart expansion. It is absolutely normal. We kept Yvette at home for 5 days in July when she was really down with fever. In fact, she already recovered by Wednesday.

      You are right that bring a “Really” sick child to school and out will only make it worse. But over protecting is not doing any good. I am sure you get what I mean.

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