Moving Into November 2011

I always look forward to year end. Yvette’s Half Birthday, Our Customary Wedding Anniversary, Christmas, New Year!!! But somehow I am really moody and depress for the past few days. At the same time, my heart is always getting heavier and heavier.

D will be flying to Australia for next two weeks and I will be alone taking care of the family and as well as facing Yvette’s tantrum & separation anxiety behavior. My fear is building up and at the same time I do find difficult to stomach this round. One reason is Yvette is so attached to D as she grows older. She love to talk to D, play with D. Although this is not the first time and will not be the last time, in fact we do anticipate he will be travelling more frequently than this year as there are some changes kicking in for his career plan in 2012. (No change in the company he works for, D used to travel a lot too.)

Some of my friends asked me to follow D to Perth. Alas we can’t take on this plan. Who is going to look after my FIL for these two weeks? I do wish to have a break out of town but sadly, no one in the family can help. Even since my FIL can’t really see (he can only see very thin light and shadow now), need someone to take care of his meal, so we are grounded. How I wish I can go with him. I really long for one holiday but then I know this can’t happen any sooner!!!


We have told Yvette about this trip more than a week ago and I have also put up the calendar for Yvette too. I hope she is able to register the fact that her daddy will be away and will be a sensible girl –  for the next two week. I have also arranged my temp helper to come 3x for this month instead of twice per week. Other than preparing Yvette and taking care of the house work, I am still thinking should I be cooking for the next two weeks or I should adopt this plan – – cooking the soup only…


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