Young Beginner’s Course Term 2 – Lesson 6

Finally gotten all these books from the teacher. All these books are going to last Yvette a few years.


And Yvette loves this book so much.


She loves to revise this book herself and constantly asking me to do this book with her. Luckily I don’t understand music theory, so I can’t really help her too.

They learnt this today.


And this.


Yvette is someone who loves theory a lot. When teacher Elaine wants to teach Theory, she will be the first one to cheer!

I was trouble by her fingering when we were back home practicing after the last lesson two weeks back. This problem was somehow solved. She has shown improvement this week and I was happy with her progress. Let hope her interest in music continue to grow!


5 thoughts on “Young Beginner’s Course Term 2 – Lesson 6

  1. Jacob also uses this book in music school for theory. We never do more than assigned though. ;D Not so hardworking.

    The reason why I passed you that image link earlier is bc I don’t understand the notes you wrote. on that page … er….

    Semibreve -> “Ta Hole very long” (?!)
    Minim – > “Ta Hole”(?)

    Abit funny to see, that’s all. Is it referring to the “hole” or did the teacher mean “To Hold very Long”(to hold for 4 counts), and the minim is “to hold” (to hold for 2counts)???

    • Haha… Sam I don’t know. When the teacher told us, I am the only mother keep laughing. Look like very wu zhi!!!

      Well, I think your eplaination sound correct although the teacher never explains much.

      Anyway, thanks for all the links. I will read them. IF i really need further help.. will call you. HEHE!

      • Yah lor – kinda funny. HAHAH!

        Anyway, those Kodaly Rhythm syllable names are not exactly commonly known, so I suppose all the other parents are just trying not to show their ignorance. *hehe*. . I only know of it now with Jacob, and it was my neighbour (a music teacher) who told me that those names come from the Kodaly method.

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