In Loving Memory of Belle’s Jolly Grandmother (16Aug’23-25Oct’11)

Belle, Eunice & Me are childhood pals.

We know each other since pri 1 & 2. Coincidentally, our grandmother attended the wedding and managed to witness the birth of our first child. Sadly, Belle’s Granny had chosen to leave us yesterday but she passed on peacefully.

Belle's granny

I left Yvette at home with hubby tonight and went to the wake. Surprisingly, Yvette didn’t throw any tantrum nor never stop me from going. I guess she already grown up and started to understand more. Although she still ask a lot of “why”. Well, can’t blame her, this is the first time we explain “death” to her.

I spent two hours away home and hubby took care of Yvette comfortably and was happy to hear hubby mentioned he have no more “fear” facing Yvette by himself.

So proud of them!


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