We Are So Proud Of Yvette – Being So Sensible

I don’t think it is a coincident anymore. When ever we allow Yvette to play water in the public, other than heading to pool, she sure end up falling sick. (90% of the time.) Today is not exception.

There was no music class today. Yvette wanted to go Zoo but it was pouring in the afternoon. As such, we have to abort this plan. We have plan 2 instead. We went Vivo so that she can have water play.

She had fun!


But she was a changed person after the play. Surprisingly, she rejected her favourite ice cream during dinner time.


We were puzzled but we couldn’t find the “right” answer to fill in the blank! We finally found out the answer when we were travelling home.

On the train, she was happily playing with her iPad and then suddenly she paused and told us she wanted to vomit. Without delay, I quickly grabbled a plastic bag from the stroller and indeed, she was a merlion in very next second. It was a miss when she started to throw out. But D managed to contain her first vomitus. The plastic bag on my hand was then quickly placed underneath her mouth as she continued to vomit.

This happened so swift. Yes, in less than a one train stop. She “finished” her business and we alighted at Bishan station. (We took the circle back home.) She was distressed and crying softly. But we managed to calm her down. We constantly telling her it was alright and she was assured.

Lastly as we had reacted fast enough, the train was not dirty. It was all contained within D’s hand, the little plastic bag and Yvette’s clothing. After we alight from the train, I took out the wet wipe to clean Yvette while D was busying cleaning his own hands too. I changed Yvette in the Bishan station before we embarked the train to TPY.

We quickly bathed Yvette when we reached home. I dried and dressed her as quick as possible as she was complaining cold. I applied Ru Yi You on her tummy to get rid of the “wind” inside her tummy. I kaisu-ly gave her a dose of Pandol (because I noticed her forehead was “warm”) and also a dose of running nose medication.


P/S: She was really normal after the bath and was happily reading her books before she dozed off.

I am updating this entry at 3 am now and there is no “bad” sign yet. IF nothing goes wrong in these two days, she should be fine.

Before I end this post, I really want to pen down how proud we are!

We are so proud of her ability to communicate to her us need to avoid mess in the train.

We are so proud she didn’t burst out her fear and chosen to cry out softly in the train.

We are so proud she was so willing to share her iPad with her friend.

We are so proud despite she was already so tired, we faced zero tantrum from her today. In fact, we really didn’t have encountered much meltdown for the past 5 months after she turned 3.

The last two paragraphs got nothing to do with the vomiting episode, but these are the incidents happened that really make us feel that she is really sensible for a 3.5 yo (She will turn 3.5 yo in this Nov 11.).


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