Young Beginner’s Course Term 2 – Lesson 5

We were told/warned… by the teacher the lesson will no longer be the same. More practice is needed and it really getting my patience. Yvette is not really good with the practical. She is fine with learning the theory but when come paying the keyboard, I will experience her stubbornness…


The above book is the first book we brought for practical lesson. There will be another book but yet to receive.

It is hard to get Yvette’s fingering right seriously… I hope the more she practice she will be better.


7 thoughts on “Young Beginner’s Course Term 2 – Lesson 5

  1. Okie what is this about fingering that you were SMS’g me about? How come your this class seems so much more confusing than my son’s 1-to-1 piano and violin lessons, ah?

      • The book itself looks confusing to me. Probably bc I’ve not seen it nor do I understand it’s concept. From your photo, it looks like you’re learning chords first? 3 fingers playing at a time? Seems unusual for a beginner. And then they learn black keys first? And what is standing/sitting note?

        Sorry, all quite foreign to me.

      • Alright, I passed by Yamaha bookshop and took a look at the book. I must say it’s a teaching technique I won’t choose for my son bc I personally find it boring since it’s tuneless.

  2. Yes i know. I just feel that if they learn simple tunes, the child would feel more motivated and have a greater sense of accomplishment thus. And then be motivated to learn more.

    That was one or the reason I changed Jacobs violin teacher.

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