Open For Registration–Hokkien Huay Kuan

I received a letter yesterday informing me the classes for next year is opened for registration and I have decided to continue sending Yvette to this enrichment class.


The registration dates for 2012 classes are on 08th Oct 2011 & 09th Oct 2011 from 0900-1730 respectively.

There is one reader asking me how good is Cherry Tots. I won’t say this is the best class but it has really capture Yvette’s interest in learning Chinese. She is always looking forward to go to the class.

Having said that, Yvette is now in opposition to go class on her own despite we been preparing her for the change. I hope she will finally receptive to it and love this enrichment class more.


Update again on 08.10.2011

The above time line is for existing student. For public, it will be another 2 weeks. Do call them.

I went to make payment today and this is what I have signed up.


Initially I do have a second thought to sign Yvette up for their Fun Chinese. But due to the fact, it will be her first time attending the enrichment class on her own, I decided to drop this idea because Fun Chinese will be a big change for her. It is a 90 mins class instead of 75 mins.


Lastly, here is the course outline for Cherry tots for 3 yo. (For the benefit of some readers out there, I took this from school and post it here.)


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