Young Beginner’s Course Term 2 – Lesson 3

Today lesson is more of revising. The tots are still in the big box. But they are moving from right hand to left hand.

Improvement from Yvette is indeed a bonus. She is really much a theory person when come to learning. When Teacher Elaine hands out worksheet during the lesson. She is the “super on” type. And since she is able to read, she did a worksheet really fast!

But when comes to practical, she will usually show signs of dislike or even set off her tantrum. And that usually when she was practicing with me in class. She often a good girl at home when come to practice her keyboard at home.

Strangely she is also very often to be the first tots when Teacher Elaine called them up to play on the real piano during the class. And more often then I expect, she did well. (In my heart, I really worry she can’t do well to her own expectation and she will be discouraged.)

Some worksheets were done in today lesson and Teacher Elaine also hands out the song that they been singing.


Yvette really loves this song very much


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